Navy Physical Readiness Test (PRT)

Ahoy!  The 2nd installment of the military fitness tests at #Tradition occurred today with the Navy PRT (PRT? those seamen just have to be different).  These military fitness tests are a great way to gauge your fitness throughout the year and get a taste of the standards required by our military brethren.  31 men of #Tradition and #ThePrecinct tested themselves and the results are below.

The PRT:

Max # Push-ups in 2 minutes

Max # Curl-ups (Sit-ups) in 2 minutes

1.5 mile run timed

(Alphabetical order; you can use the standards at to score your own results)

Name Age Push-up Curl-up 1.5 mile run
Blind Date 39 48 39 12:05
Closer 31 45 56 12:16
Dick Tracy 39 54 40 19:30
Dingo 36? 66 54 12:40
Dutch 53 62 72 13:07
Field of Dreams 48 38 46 14:11
Forgotten Jelly 37 70 50 11:57
Frostbite 34 73 45 15:45
Gazelle 36 22 35 20:38
Gentle Grizzly 29 37 20 12:13
Guinness 52 70 73 12:05
Hot Wheels 54 52 73 12:19
Icicle 35 74 60 11:52
Iron Wolf 36 62 39 11:54
Jumanji 32 53 48 9:40
Man Down 41 52 61 10:30
Marie Calendar 49 68 36 12:22
Mario 23? 45 58 10:06
Maximus 61 80 55 14:35
ONJ 56 33 34 14:11
Pharaoh 52 95 55 11:15
Pongo 50 62 43
Prison Fruit 32 36 22 11:55
R2D2 29 54 15 12:20
Raptor 53 56 68 13:21
Sensei 60 46 15 15:24
The Farm 33 70 54 12:57
Triple Threat 32 41 54 16:16
Two Face 15 50 37 11:53
Urlacher 29 58 60 9:31



1.  Awesome effort by all men this morning!  As @Dingo mentioned, “It’s always harder than I think it will be”. Especially the military sit-ups (or curl-up in the Navy).  No matter how much Mary you do on a weekly basis you’ve got to practice the actual military sit-up in order to max it. #practicehowyouplay

2.  There were some excellent scores out there today.  I joked about a Navy recruiter being present to enlist you during COT, but unfortunately only 8 of you are young enough for active duty (34 yr old max age), however 18 of you could join the Navy Reserve (39 yr old max age).  #letthejourneybegin

3.  Upcoming family party for F3 #Tradition/#Precinct on May 9th. Details upcoming, @PrisonFruit is looking for some help and cash donations to get the goods. #markyourcalendarsforfamily2ndF

4.  Thanks to @ForgottenJelly for sharing his experience and F3’s impact on his family during the recent loss of his step-mother.  Continued prayers to @FJ and his family!  #brotherhood

5.  Special prayers and thanks to all men and women who are currently serving our country in the Navy, like @TheFarm’s brother.  #willhetellhisbrohisPRTscore?


Skipper and The Farm

23 thoughts on “Navy Physical Readiness Test (PRT)

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    I enjoyed it today. It’s good to be back. I just know that I need to start running more.

    thanks to everyone for letting me share this morning. It was very beneficial for me. Look for a post over the next day or two.

  2. Dick Tracy

    Thanks @Skipper and @TheFarm. Bringing it back in to the pax support was huge. Thanks for pushing us.

  3. Dingo

    That really was a lot tougher than I prepared myself for!

    Some great F3 moments this morning;

    1. When everyone was cheering on Dick Tracy and Gazelle! That was awesome.

    2. Jelly’s testimony to F3! #whatitsallabout

    3. The constant encouragement that I harard all morning!

  4. Gamma

    Wow – great numbers and even more impressive test results. 95 push-ups for @Pharoah and 80 for @Maximus? Three #respects leading the way on curl-ups? Two under 10minutes on the 1.5 mile run? Tclaps to you all!

    Just one problem…where are Skipper’s results? #clipboarder

  5. Dutch

    T Claps to all for the strong showing-great way to gauge progress and experience all 3 F’s this morning! Great to see the encouragement by all #ironsharpensiron. thanks Q’s and look forward to the next go round with the skipperfarm at the helm of the tractor.

  6. FieldOfDreams

    Thanks @Skipper and @TheFarm for managing the PRT.
    Thanks to @ManDown for introducing me to F3 and to the rest of the #PAX for all your support and friendship. I’ve only been with F3 for 3 months and improved my push-up (Merkins) count from 13 to 38.
    Sky is the limit!!

    1. Man Down

      300% improvement over 3 months. Now that’s what I call a quality ROI! Glad to be doing this with you neighbor!

  7. Iron Wolf

    I liked how Pharaoh’s broga kept getting interrupted! Also, rallying together for our sixes, @DickTracy and @Gazelle. Good work guys! And, my boy beat me by 1 second on the run. He’ll be taking us all on pretty soon. #ProudPapa

    1. Dingo

      I think a lot of you guys need some padding on your butts!!

      More Squats?

      Or will Dutch bring us all a yoga mat? #gillianmichaelswannabe

  8. Trail Mix

    Posting my results here so I can track historically…
    Age: 31 / Push-up: 45 / Curl-up: 74 / 1.5 mile Run: 10:51
    #fartsacker #honorsystem

  9. The Farm

    Latest showing by all this morning. Yes, I was quiet this morning. I was running off little sleep and when you co-Q with Skipper, you basically get a front row seat to watching him lead. #uberprepared

  10. Chicken Strip

    Here’s my post from out of town:

    Age: 27 (Hate Hate) Push-Ups: 60 Sit-Ups: 67 1.5 Mile Run: 10:56

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