PreBlast – Navy PRT (Physical Readiness Test) at #Tradition (4/21/2015)

The 2nd in our military fitness tests of 2015 will occur on Tues, April 21, 0530, at #Tradition.  The Navy PRT (Physical Readiness Test) is comprised of:

Push-ups (Mericans) – Max # in 2 minutes

Curl-ups (Sit-ups) – Max # in 2 minutes

1.5 mile timed run

See below for the scoring based on your age.  It is a good idea to review the scoring requirements so that you have a goal to shoot for:


Skipper and The Farm

2 thoughts on “PreBlast – Navy PRT (Physical Readiness Test) at #Tradition (4/21/2015)

  1. Chicken Strip

    I will be out of town and won’t be able to join you guys in person but I’ll be completing the PRT on my own.

    I also noticed that the standards were for altitudes above 5000ft (I thought only Air Force got up to those heights), here’s the standards for lower altitudes I found which impacts the 1.5 mile run times:

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