The Taxman Cometh

Nine PAX posted to Coltrane on this fine Wednesday morning…


  • Mosey to the Franklin Ave entrance and back, alternating between karaoke, butt kickers, high knees, side shuffles
  • Mosey to the blacktop, COP
  • SSH x 25 (IC)
  • Cotton pickers x 15 (IC)
  • Mountain climbers x 20 (IC)


Jacob’s Ladder –

  • Begin in the field beside the swingset
  • 10 air squats
  • Mosey to the track, then bear crawl across the track to the base of the hill
  • Quadromania up the hill
  • Jump the fence at the top of the hill
  • 2 burpees
  • Run back to starting point, 8 air squats
  • Keep going back in forth, decreasing air squat reps by 2 and increasing burpees by 2 each time until you do 10 burpees
  • REPEATO, except sub in straight run up the hill (no quadromania)

Around the Block Mixed Beatdown –

  • Start at Grove Ave entrance, Merkens x 10
  • Mosey to Georgia St., turn right and stop halfway down the block, Carolina Drydocks x 10
  • Mosey to Franklin Ave., turn right and stop at the Coltrane-Webb entrance, Burpees x 10
  • Mosey to Spring St., turn right and stop halfway down the block, Brazilians x 10 (IC)
  • Mosey to Grove, turn right and head to Mary


  • LBCs x 25 (IC)
  • Supermans w/hold for 1 minute


  • Beautiful weather this morning, temp around 60 degrees and we just dodged the rain
  • (Squats + bear crawls + quadro + jump the fence + burpees) = not for the faint of heart.  Lot of dudes were sucking bad air after we got thru it.  I actually found the burpees to be the easy part, or easiest at least
  • Glad to see everyone was able to hang with the group when we ran around the block.  All the newbs (Doolittle, Bay City, Custom, Ablo) seem to be in the flow of things already
  • Let’s all keep Holy Cow in your thoughts and prayers.  Hipbone informed us that he’s presided over more than a dozen funerals already in 2015.  Definitely not an easy part of his vocation.
  • A few of you expressed an interest in my GoPro footage from the Mud Run, so I’ve provided a link to the videos below.  Definitely check it out if you’ve got any interest in doing the Mud Run in the fall (although use caution if you’re prone to motion sickness).