The Sugar Cruise

YHC arrived at the Patriot parking lot at 5:25 for some satisfaction and found I was alone.  Gave it ’til 5:35 in hopes of a Mattress King (you never know…..he may have caught the run bug after Sharknado yesterday) but gave up and took off alone.  Mosey to the Double Lizard Greenway and then up the Marquette ‘Grinder’ (sorry LawDawg, still don’t thinks its that bad).  Over to Ruckus House, the Moss Creek entrance and then back to Patriot land.  Total – 3.51mi; 31:16; 8:51 avg pace.

Surprisingly, still alot of mumblechatter!

Waterboy’s the only one with Kotters tomorrow so looking forward to all the Epstein’s Mothers from everyone else!!

2 thoughts on “The Sugar Cruise

  1. Kato

    Guilty as charged. Had the clothes laid out and was looking forward to the run. Alarm went off and I went back to sleep. Sorry @Sugar.

  2. Schnitzel

    Sorry, Sugar, Quidditch and I did a remote-SatisfactionCruise near the house. Started around 6am, as the WD had a sleep-deprived night. Ran about 3 miles more or less, but stayed within reasonable distance of the house as there was drizzle in the vicinity. Pre-Cruise stretch did remind me of the long Sharknado from yesterday.

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