Bear Recon Cruise

8 Highlanders posted for a little Bear Recon.  Temp was 62 degrees and there was no precipitation.  Way to hot to run…or so J-lo told me.

The Thang:

  1. 5.1 mi route up Shelly Ave to Fire Station, right turn and quick left into that hood.  Run to new 485 bridge and try to cross to Mallard Park.  NOPE!  6 foot drop off and the Nanny smelled fresh mud in the air.  My disdain for mud coupled with the fact that I was wearing my running kicks had us turn around even with Google begging to jump into the mire and muck.
  2. Back to bridge traffic circle and hang left till road dead ends in the pasture that backs up to Chopper’s house.  Back to Ridge, right, and then past track and left on the most creative named street in all of north charlotte; Street Ave.  Across HC parkway, right turn, left into hood and pass Pavarotti’s house, around golf course lake, past 18th hole playground, up hill to golf club, left on parkway, left into Masters Hill via cut through, again past Pavarotti’s house (Chopper said if it was him he would have bailed for sure), and back to school.

The Naked Moleskin:

  1. I was given the name of “Nanny the Torturer” for continually running the Pax past or near our start point making them think it was all over.  Nope…keep running.
  2. Chopper must have yelled at me “are we done?!” 5 times.  It was fun.  I may run the group around the car parking lot next time.
  3. I enjoyed a little exploration of the Bear route – hope you guys did as well.

2 thoughts on “Bear Recon Cruise

  1. The Nanny Post author

    Really enjoyed exploring that 485 area. Once that bridge is open, or the ground is dry, it is going to really open up some new options to us. I think it is less than a mile to get to it. 2 mi round trip….leaves plenty of time/distance for pain in the middle.

    @Chopper Are there any cross country routes we can take from that dead end road to get back to the front of HC on Ridge? That might make for a cool new loop for us.

  2. Skipper

    @TheNanny – Thanks for picking up the Q and bringing the 1,000 lumen flashlight. My little headlamp felt very inadequate. #personalproblem

    It was great catching up with @Chopper, @Pavarotti, @Chavez, and @J-Lo. #2ndFCruise

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