Cupid’s revenge

1.0 Workout
     Jog to Day Care parking lot across from Belk’s
     SSH – 20x
     Merkins – 12x
     IST – 15x
     Cotton Pickers – 20X
The Thang:
     Using short end of parking deck (two stairwells and distance between)
     Ground floor
         Core Killers 20x
         Jump Squats to other stairwell
         Core Killers 20x
     2nd Floor
         Burpies 20x
         Crab walk to other stairwell
         Burpies 20x
     3nd Floor
         Bridge with alternating limb lifts 20X
         Dragon crawl to other stairwell
         Bridge with alternating limb lifts 20x
     4th Floor
         LBC’s (2 per count) 20x
         Traveling Burpies
         LBC’s (2 per count) 20x
     Repeat as time permits
     Brazillians 20x
2.0 Workout
Jog parking lot for warm up
25 STH
20 Cotton pickers
20 air squats
10 Merkens

Move to fire pit
20 bench step- ups 4 count
20 dips on bench
20 Merkens
Repeat 4 more times
Descending latter x5’s

Move to hill
Bottom 1-10 ladder up with LBC’s

Top 10-1 ladder down with Merkens
Walking backwards up hill

     13 pax showed this morning – impressive.
     Was expecting a very wet morning, so planned the WOD in the parking deck.  Pleasantly surprised that that rain held off.
     The core killers were a little over the top (should have gone with 10 each stop) but the pax made it happen and moved on  – very impressive.
     We’ve not seen a lot of “dragon crawls” in our WODs so there were quite a few variations but none of them were easy.
     Cum Impressive – KGB and BCR who lead the 2nd round before Mary was called – rather impressive..
     Magna Cum impressive – reserved for Backdraft – survivor of the mud run – who then showed up for this beatdown (hope he wasn’t disappointed).
     Summa Cum impressive – reserved for Indy – survivor of the mud run – who then posted El Dorado, – who then showed up for this beatdown (hope he weren’t disappointed).
Thx for the opportunity to Q and otherwise feed you the live beatdown toad for the day.