Secret Agent Workout at Silver Bullet Express

What a beautiful Spring morning to duck into the station for a Top Secret Workout conducted by 007. Only five pax had the appropriate security clearances needed to gain admission.

The Thang:
SSH X 15 ( +/- counting issues)
Plank Jack
Imperial Walker
Mountain Climber
Cobra Squat
Peter Parker
Repeat three times.

Mosey to The Hill (AKA Anderson’s Million Dollar Mountain)
Bear Crawl to top
Jog to end
5 Merkins
Jog back
5 Squats
Repeat five times.

Mosey to The Ramp
10 Step Ups ea leg
15 Dips
Repeat two times

Mosey to the Boy Scout Steps

Mosey back to the start point for
Dollies, Rosalitas, Protractors, Freddy Mercury and DA’s stretches as the finishing touch.

The Naked Moleskin:

007 was concerned about his exposure so we limited attendance to those Silver Bullets with security clearances. DeMille was busy most of the time coming up with an alternative scenario to explain where we all were. This workout was so secret that we thought DA was misleading us with his age. After carefully questioning him, 007 was advised that he had a birthday the previous week. So, Happy 75th, DA. Great to have Turble back from the illness he contracted on his successful secret mission to Nepal.

Kudos to our star of stage and screen, Dredd, for his award winning documentaries about how to count and about how to lead a workout. A special thanks to OBT for toning it down so it can be watched in one sitting.

Great morning and happy to be associated with these fine leaders.

Angler on behalf of 007.