PreBlast Muthaship Monday

Thinking of doing something along the lines of a boot camp-style workout. Don’t fret #faithful, they’ll be plenty of opportunities to #redline but thought it would be fun to keep the PAX together and do something crazy like said bootcamp.

Would love to see some new faces #clowncar as everyone recalibrates for their next event, be it the BRR or that 5k you’re wanting to crush at sub-20. MM will make it happen.

If everyone plays their cards right we may even venture across the #skybridge, I don’t know.

Hell, bring an FNG if he’s feelin’ froggy! There’s sure to be an #F3CelebritySighting aka Stinger works out here.

Look forward to seeing all my homeboys in the gloom.



2 thoughts on “PreBlast Muthaship Monday

  1. Cindy

    2 things okie…1. I’m back from the land of Don Julio so there will be only 1 celebrity there and 2. If this sucks, you are fired. #trump

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