Mud Run Simulation…..sort of….

With the F3 Superbowl going on, YHC thought he would be a little lonely at MCP this morning.  I rolled in early and there were already 2 guys waiting.  I thought well at least I wont be alone today!  As the minutes rolled by, car after car rolled in.  We began the workout and more cars rolled in!  17 MECA pax enjoyed(maybe) a simulated muddy beatdown.

The Thang;

Mosey to top parking lot

  1. 16 x SSH
  2. 16 x IST

2 lines for 0.75 of Indian run down to the softball field playground.  2 merkin penalty, 3 squat penatly.

Teams of 4 – Grab one large rock, mosey to playground

Complete as a team

  1. 300 rock curls
  2. 300 WWII Situps
  3. 200 Pull ups
  4. 4 guy runs loop of parking lot, when he gets back pax switch out

Mosey through wooded trail for some “Mud Running” and recon for the bear.  Mud was found, Pax did not jump in??!!

Arrive at the Log yard

Teams of 4 complete following with log

  1. 10 log curls
  2. 20 shoulder log press
  3. on your backs for 10 chest press
  4. 10 x chest press
  5. 10 x chest press
  6. Chest press to failure
  7. Stand up
  8. 20 x shoulder press
  9. return your logs

Mosey to road

3 lines for Indian run 0.3mile – added bonus of 10 merkins every time we pass a light post!(70 merkins)


We did some stuff!

The Naked Moleskin

  1. I was very surprised with the numbers today! Awesome work men!
  2. Great push out there.  Those logs are no joke!
  3. Saw some guys that I’d never met, F3 just keeps growing!  Keep EH’ing men!