Mint Hill, NC Expansion

F3 is expanding! This time Mint Hill is the target, and we need your help EHing men who live in the area. Here’s what we will do and when:


Harrisburg AOs will serve as the “FOB” (Forward Operating Base) for expansion efforts and other CSAUP activities.  The Harrisburg pax invites all future Mint Hill pax (FNGs or named) to workout at “The Ridge” (Hickory Ridge High School) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 0530, and Harrisburg Park on Saturdays at 0700.

Recruiting Opportunity:

  • What: Mint Hill Madness Parade
  • When: May 23rd, 2015
  • The Plan: Meet at Food Lion, 8118 Blair Rd, Mint Hill at 0830.  March/workout/socialize in the parade and distribute flyers about the Mint Hill expansion to potential pax.
  • HC: Hard Commit to the parade by sounding off to this post or email:
  • Double-Down: Join Harrisburg pax before the parade at Harrisburg Park at 0700 for a bootcamp style beatdown.

First Mint Hill Workout(s):

 Target AO Coverage/Expansion:

  • Mint Hill
  • East Charlotte
  • Hemby Bridge
  • Midland

Get involved & refer men:  

  1. HC (Hard Commit) and/or send contact info of potential FNGs to
  2. Follow @F3MintHill on Twitter.
  3. HC to workout/recruit pax in the Mint Hill Madness Parade by sounding off on this post or emailing  It will also be a great opportunity for first and second Fs.
  4. Volunteer to help out with planning and implementation of F3 Mint Hill. Email

4 thoughts on “Mint Hill, NC Expansion

  1. The Nanny

    Got an EH for you! Chavez and I’s bro-in-law Dan Wray. We have been EH’ing him for…years? But the locations of existing workouts has never worked for him. No longer an excuse!

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