Lotta cacka lacka for the VQ

Big turnout for the VQ in gloom went something like this:

The Thang:

Mosey to parking lot in front of school with lunges and toy soldier

Circle up for warm up:

  • SSH x20
  • Windmill x15
  • Mountain Climbers x10
  • Clock Merkins x5 each

Mosey to rock pile.  Back down to lower parking lot:

  • overhead press x10
  • curl x10
  • repeato
  • lunge walk back to rock pile

Mosey to track.  Divide into 3 teams of 6 (or so) each:

  • Indian run 3/4 track
  • finish with cacka lacka choo choo around bend
  • Indian run 3/4 track

Mosey to front of school for Mary, included but not limited to:

  • Low Dolly
  • Flutter Kick
  • Crunchy Frog
  • Mason twist part 1
  • Pretzel Crunch (10 one side, 12 on the other- what can I say)
  • Pox provided plank jacks + merkins
  • LawDawg chimed in with Freddie Mercury’s
  • Marie Calendar with Mason twist part 2.
  • Homer to Marge, or was it Marge to Homer
  • LBC

The Q was finished at this point.


Was a pleasure, fellas, I got some kinks to work out for next time.  Welcome FNG Anthony, hope to see you out here again.  Stretchy welcome back.  Snakepit, way to hang brother, keep on coming.  Its easier to  keep coming than to start over so you’re over the hump.  We’ll have to watch our cadence noise and stay to the center-to-left side of the school, as you’re facing it.  Grassy area or the parking lot over by the buses would work, or mosey to Odell.





7 thoughts on “Lotta cacka lacka for the VQ

  1. Marie Calendar

    Nice job with the Q. Apparently you bring out a crowd, big number today.

    Until next time!

    1. Schnitzel Post author

      I think the VQ is easy fodder. I’m still laughing at the Chugga-lugga choo-choo mixup – that must be what the mud-runners do on the bus ride home.

  2. WaterBoy

    Schnitzel great VQ and great job. The Indian run and caka kaka smoked me.

    Snake pit same as above. Good effort brother. Keep coming.
    Pax nice numbers today!

    I think col mustard or chowder unplugged the cone of silence.

    All kidding aside we do have to watch the noise so pax mention it to our brothers and we need to take coupons on the side of the school. I would say in front of the school is the closest we can be for cadence. Chowder said the guy was nice and he’s the same guy who contacted me.

    He had shorts on so maybe next time he will come workout with us!

  3. Sugar

    Nice VQ Schnitzel! Pretty sure I’m gonna have a bad case of the ‘sore core’ tomorrow!

  4. Kato

    Nice numbers guys! @Schnitzel…great to see you get the VQ behind you. Nice workout by the looks of it. Sorry to miss….I’ve been out of town camping. Gonna post for speed tomorrow. Anyone else in?

  5. Pox

    Great numbers and glad to see a new q, enjoyed it schnitzel who’s next – stretchy??? Maybe hate hate quiddich

  6. WaterBoy

    I think stretchy is about to make the leap. I bet hate hate quidich could dish a strong beatdown

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