Rabbit Runs

3 brave souls joined YHC for some Rabbit Runs in the gloom. The objective: Complete 20 Merkins and rotate pacesetter/rabbit every half mile. The rest of us “chase the rabbit.” We covered 4 miles, explored some new neighborhoods, and knocked out 170 Merkins along the way…plus 10 pull-ups at the end, then joined the Fisters for the last bit of Mary.

6 thoughts on “Rabbit Runs

  1. Man Down Post author

    Great work out there this morning men! This was my first F3 Cruise in at least 6 months. I forgot how enjoyable the 2nd F is on these group runs!

  2. Dingo

    I like the “rabbit runs”!

    Sorry I wasn’t there to run slowly with you Farm! Man Down is 7min/mile fast!!

    Great job on getting in this April Pull-ups! Need a name for this?? Maybe “pullupril” or “Aprillup”??

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