I don’t think this is a 5K

7 men, stepped into the muggy Gloom, and figured out how to turn a 5K into 5 Miles of hills.


The Thang

We modified the Harrisburg 5K route to include several trips up and down Autumn Lane Hill.  The Pax went to the top as often as possible in the amount time it took @The Magnificent to complete 4 trips.

Harrisburg 5k Route:  http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/673134966

  • Start on Main Street
  • Cross over Roberta Road on to Parallel Drive
  • Turn Right on Autumn Drive
  • Right on Patricia, The Left on Autumn Lane (Air Squats until the 6 arrives). Brief discussion on the rules (run up to Woodside Drive and back as many times as it takes @TheMagnificent to make 4 trips)  Most made 3.5 trips
  • Left on Woodside Drive
  • Right on Patricia Avenue
  • Right on Parallel Drive
  • Dog Leg Left on Plaza Drive
  • Left on Patricia Drive (up to the Top of @BanjoBoy’s hill as many times as you can in the amount of time it takes @TheMagnificent to make 3 trips) Most made 1.5 trips
  • Left on Morris Drive
  • Left on School Avenue
  • Right on Parallel Drive
  • Left on Roberta Road
  • Right on Main Street
  • All you got to the end

My watch said 4.48 miles (@BanjoBoy said his was 4.95)


COT/Ball of Stink


  1. Tough work out today guys; that Autumn Lane Hill is deceptively difficult.
  2. The humidity is really starting to crank up.  Make sure you drink plenty of fluids
  3. Way to push @JackieChiles. Very strong finish at the end
  4. #Tclaps to @Clueless for coming out for the run even though no one showed up for #WarriorOne.  Still hung with @TheMagnificent the entire time
  5. Harrisburg 5K this Saturday at 8:00 AM. There is no excuse for you not to be there is you are in town and have no other time commitments
  6. Be looking for information on THE BEAR in the next few days. This is a 10 mile/multiple Pain Station event hosted by MECA.  Bragging rights are on the line Gentlemen.
  7. Help with effort to plan for bike and pedestrian grown. your opinion counts. Complete the survey: https://t.co/1T6AResZXK


Solo Cup

4 thoughts on “I don’t think this is a 5K

  1. Clueless

    Nice lead @SoloCup. You’re right… that hill is deceptive… especially in the gloom.

    Also, I think @TheMagnificent was just hanging back with me so he had someone to leave behind when the dogs come out.

    Strong work fellas!

    1. BanjoBoy

      You don’t have to be the fastest, just can’t be the slowest. Dixie would have protected us. I’m also ok with kicking a dog.

      1. RibShack

        Hey! Don’t hate on the slowest, we get there eventually! We also protect all you guys from sneak attacks.

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