Merkorama/jump lunge ladder

1.0 Led by KGB

– Run towards the hospital

– Circle up near the sketchy stairs of a boiler room


PAX does an exercise as a member of the PAX sprints up and down the stairs and bear crawls last flight


– Mountain climbers

– Merkins


– Plank

Run to the top of the deck:

– partner up

– begin merkorama/jump lunge descending ladder

– 10 patty cakes merkins at the top

– run downstairs using separate mine shafts

– 1 jump lunge at the bottom

– run back up – 9 patty cakes mekrins, run down 2 jump lunges at the bottom

you get the picture

– Mosey back to ASEC for Mary

KGB twist x 20



2.0 Led by S&W

Jog parking lot to Rock pile
25 STH
25 Cotton pickers
25 air squats
10 Merkens
Grab a rock
25 lift to the chin
25 scull crushers
25 overhead press
25 lawn mower pulls each side
30 yard lunge walk
10 Merkens

Repeat 4 times descending ladder with rocks
Move to Mary

Thanks for the opportunity to queue on the fly

1. The game and light rain was very conducive to fartsacking, I suppose, as it claimed a good amount of pax

2. Thanks again to those who braved conditions to come out and get their dose of beatdown

3. El Dorado Monday claimed a few pax as well or so they claim

4. Good to see some faces we have not seen in a while, we’ve been missing you, Cujo

5. Snoop can rival Catfish’s orator skills and intensity, it took quite a few stairwells and patty cake merkins to bring some peace and quiet