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7 faithful men of The Precinct rolled out of the fartsack and into the wet (but rainless) gloom to play dice (after almost getting hit by a car). Here’s how it went down.

SSH x20 IC
IST x20 IC
Indian Run down the “other” side of Saxonbury (last man does 5 Merkins and sprints to front)
Cotton Pickers at the cul-de-sac x?? (Not sure how many we got in before the newspaper delivery person came flying down into the circle and nearly took us all out. That could’ve been good front page news for tomorrow!)
Indian Run back up the hill to Prison Yard.

The Thang
Pick up a cinder block (CB) on your way into Prison Yard
2 Dice, 11 Exercises. Take turns rolling the dice, call out the exercise, and get to it.
2s: Pull-ups/Dips (10 each)
3s: Burpees (10)
4s: Power Jacks (10)
5s: CB Curls (10)
6s: CB Overhead Press (10)
7s: CB Tricep Press (10)
8s: CB Lunges (10 per leg)
9s: CB Upright Rows (10)
10s: Carolina Dry Docks (10)
11s: Muscle Ups (10)
12s: DOA Sprint (up sidewalk by pool house, follow sidewalk left, back up to Prison Yard)

Ski Abs
Plank Jacks
Crunchy Frog
Dying Cockroach
Pretzel Stick
Low Flutter to Low Dolly to Rosalita

Always a pleasure to be out there with you guys! Now go spread the Aroma of Life!

3 thoughts on “Front Page News

  1. Man Down Post author

    Hot Wheels, Icicle, Toro, and YHC will be representing The Precinct at the Mud Run this Saturday. Go team Fugitives!

    1. Icicle

      Sorry I missed it but I had to cover at Tradition for Striker, and yes The Fugitives are going to represent at this mud run

  2. Trail Mix

    Thanks for the lead this morning @ManDown. I was definitely dragging, so the sets of 10 reps at least made everything feel somewhat manageable. Hope the Fugitives have a great time!

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