Unfinished Business

9 Pax avoided the post-Easter fartsack and posted to a preblastless El Dorado. Concord quickly pointed out that they brought 5 of the 9 Pax and questioned Highland’s dedication. #FirstShotFired

The workout continued the 12 Days of Christmas workout from late December that no one finished. However, instead of starting at 1 and moving up to 12, we started at 12 and worked our way down. This was done to give everyone a chance to complete the exercises on day 12 and 11. This (unintentionally) led to more running and fewer exercises.

The Thang

Run to the deck then complete the following plan.

There will be 12 set locations where we will be completing exercises. The flow of the workout will be to run to the 12th location and complete the exercises there. Next, you will run to the 11th, 10th, 9th location, etc., completing the exercises designated for each location.

Once complete, you will repeat-o but starting at station 11 and then working your way down to 1…then go to day 10 and work your way all the way down to 1, etc. e

•Level 1 (ground floor) of StH – 10 Burpees
•Level 2 of StH – 20 Carolina Dry Docks
•Level 3 of StH – 30 Merkins
•Level 4 of StH – 40 Squats
•Level 5 of StH – 50 Dips
•Level 6 of StH – 60 LBCs
•Level 1 of Ramps – 70 Calf raises
•Level 2 of Ramps – 80 Imperial Storm Troopers (40 each leg/side)
•Level 3 of Ramps – 90 Mason Twist (45 each side)
•Level 4 of Ramps – 100 Arm circles
•Level 5 of Ramps – 110 Apolo Ohno (55 each direction)
•Level 6 of Ramps – 120 Freddy Mercury (60 each side/direction)

So, for example, when you get to the 9th day of Christmas, you will:

  • Run from the base of StH into the garage, up the ramps to the 3rd level and complete 90 Mason Twists
  • Run to the 2nd level of the ramps (location 8) and complete 80 ISTs
  • Run to the bottom of the ramps (location 7), complete 70 Calf Raises
  • Run to the top of StH (location 6), complete 60 LBCs
  • Run down to the 5th level of StH (location 5) and complete 50 Dips
  • Run down to the 4th level of StH (location 4) and complete 40 Squats
  • Run down to the 3rd level of StH (location 3) and complete 30 Merkins
  • Run down to the 2nd level of StH (location 2) and complete 20 Carolina Dry Docks
  • Run down to the 1st level of StH (location 1) and complete 10 burpees

Then move on to day 8.

If you complete all 12 days…these will be the total numbers:
•45 Flights of stairs
•15 Flights of ramps
•120 Burpees
•220 CDDs
•300 Merkins
•360 Squats
•400 Dips
•420 LBCs
•420 Calf Raises
•400 ISTs
•360 Mason Twists
•300 Arm Circles
•220 Apolo Ohnos
•120 Freddy Mercury

Run back to the Parking lot


  • Good to see @Winnebago back from an extended break.
  • @Exit54 made his return after turning his ankle a few weeks ago
  • Several El Dorado FNGs joined us. I would tell them to keep coming back because it gets easier each week, but they both made it look pretty easy today. @Mortimer and @KGB
  • @Grover said he would be taking it slow today. I would hate to see what it looks like when he pushes himself.

4 thoughts on “Unfinished Business

  1. Frodo Post author

    Great job by everyone this morning. I have no idea where the rest of Highlands was this morning. Hopefully they make a strong showing and comeback next week.

    @Exit54 – I agree with your comment that going from 12 to 1 was easier than going 1 to 12. That wasn’t my intent so next time we’ll go back to the original order and work our way up.

    @Mortimer – Nice push. It’s humbling watching an El Dorado FNG lead the way most of the morning. Not to mention you showed up early to run and do some exercises on your own.

    @Concord – Strong turnout. Thanks for bringing over half the PAX this morning. Good to see you all. Although the freshly-shaven Indiana caused some confusion. I knew the voice, but the face didn’t match up. Then he started talking a little trash and I was able to make the connection.

  2. Mortimer

    @Frodo – great lead this morning. Still not sure though if I was pushing you or if you were letting me hang around to have some company. Winnebago has been selling this workout in the North region for some time, and this morning I found out why. El Dorado lived up to the hype.

    It was nice to see some new faces, and I liked that way that the PAX kept each other honest the whole time. Everyone was gassed but never dialed it back from what I saw.

    As for that early lap + KB exercises… more a sign of age than anything else. The further I get into my 30’s the harder it is for me to step out of the car and start running hard. I need a slow mile or two and some light exercises to warm up and loosen stiff muscles.

  3. Winnebago

    It was great to be back. Have missed the You vs You workouts. Stinks having to get back to what you once were but time to get back to being able to do more than just carry heavy weight for hours and hours. I love seeing how El Dorado has attracted new faces (to me) at least.

    I knew @Mortimer would enjoy this workout and gave @Frodo company as some of the other pace pushers were absent today.

    Be seeing you all again in future weeks.

  4. Chowder

    1. Cobains for the fail to post… somebody abused me too much on Saturday, so I decided to start the MudRun taper early.
    2. Interesting re: the Concord salvo, though I don’t remember much being said last week when only a single gloomer posted (t-claps to Cupid); my spidey-sense says the dips both correlate with Spring Break timing
    3. Hope to see y’all back on the 20th (2 weeks), but I would highly advise against it. It will likely be too hard and incredibly confusing.

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