Math and KBs don’t mix

4 posted in Harrisburg to pick things up and put them down, but unfortunately we did not actually put them down very often. Instead, we opted for constant motion and a whole lotta reps.


SSH x15
Windmill x10
Big arm-circles as the plan was announced.

The Thang
Series of three exercises conducive to constant motion, with escalating reps: 1 of each, then 2 of each….up to 10 of each, with no rest in between.

Set 1: Hammer Curls, Shoulder Presses and Triceps Extentions
SSH x15
Set 2: Skull Crushers, Chest Presses and LBCs (with KB on chest)
SSH x15
Set 3: Sumo Squats, Dead Lifts and Upright Rows
SSH x15

Repeat in reverse (10 reps each, down to 1 rep each)
Set 4: Skull Crushers, Chest Presses and LBCs
SSH x15
Set 5: Hammer Curls, Shoulder Presses and Triceps Extentions
SSH x15
Set 6: Sumo Squats, Bent Over Rows (audible) and Upright Rows

Extra Credit to get to 1000
Outhouse Curls x10
KB Merkins x10
Low Flutters x15 (w/KB pressed)


1. Doing math while oxygen deprived proved too much for YHC as I came to 930 KB reps after 6 sets, thus the extra 70. In reality, we were at 990. Therefore, we ended with 1060 KB reps, plus 180 SSH and 20 Windmills.
2. Great to have @Floyd out for his first KB workout. He noted afterwards that he was “only” using a 20# KB. I don’t care if it’s 1#, you lifted it over a thousand times. And it’s 20# heavier than the KB the fartsackers were lifting. Strong work. #respect
3. A little strategery (yes, I said strategery) the KB vets switching between KBs depending on the exercise. One of the Fridays, we’re all taking a pact to leave the lighter one at home.
4. Thanks to @Floyd for taking us out in COT.

Hope all have a Blessed Easter weekend, and take special note of the sacrifice made for us all.

Pax tibi,

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