In Like Flyn

Here we go with the horseshoe again for a number of reasons:

  • The Q was at the Shield late last night.
  • While he can do it, the Q has never really warmed up to cadence calling. The head gets a little fuzzy while working out and counting becomes a challenge.
  • A WIB allows everyone to push as hard as they can while leaving nobody behind as everyone stays in proximity (in this case, the track).
  • It’s an excellent way to track progress over time.
  • It’s a good mix of upper, lower, and cardio.

So, enough excuses for not coming up with a new workout. Here’s what we did:

  • SSH X 40
  • Windmills X 20
  • Stormtroopers X 20

Mosey to the track:

  • Lap 1
  • MericansX20
  • Lap 2
  • MericansX20, Jump SquatsX20
  • Lap 3
  • MericansX20, Jump SquatsX20, Scorpion Dry DocsX20
  • Lap 4
  • MericansX20, Jump SquatsX20, Scorpion Dry DocsX20, Mason TwistsX40
  • Lap 5
  • MericansX20, Jump SquatsX20, Scorpion Dry DocsX20, Mason TwistsX40, LungesX20
  • Lap 6
  • Jump SquatsX20, Scorpion Dry DocsX20, Mason TwistsX40, LungesX20
  • Lap 7
  • Scorpion Dry DocsX20, Mason TwistsX40, LungesX20
  • Lap 8
  • Mason TwistsX40, LungesX20
  • Lap 9
  • LungesX20
  • Lap 10



  • Great work put in by the entire PAX.
  • T-Claps to Loco…who finished the thing under time (where’s Mattress King?)
  • Welcome FNG Keith! Great first workout and we’re looking forward to seeing you back out on Tuesday.
  • The Pax is growing. We were missing a number of regulars but still had a decent group.
  • LawDawg’s talk at the Shield last night dug deep into the history of the Bible and it’s many translations. YHC learned a ton. I also learned that when LawDawg tweets “in like flyn” for the morning’s workout, that should be translated as “I’m not coming.”

7 thoughts on “In Like Flyn

  1. Schnitzel

    @Kato – there are a few workouts stuck in memory, this was one of them from last fall – I lost my will to live that morning. Today not so much, but had just enough in the tank to keep Loco from passing me on his way to the checkered flag. Another being Gordo’s reverse Spiderman, I think Smokeless has “fond” memories of that one.
    @Waterboy – the other memorable workout, as we talked, was your shark thing – that had Merlot Spillage all over it. Did you ever clean your cardboard sign?
    @Pax – Happy Easter to everyone, remember Good Friday. Our family, those old enough, watch “The Passion” every Good Friday to recall that day’s events.

    1. Kato Post author

      So….just curious: Are you referring to Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ?” My wife and I have said on a number of occasions that we’ll show it to the boys when they’re old enough. What’s old enough in your household?

      1. Schnitzel

        Yes that’s it. Always with us, but 15, and depends on the personality and sensitivity of the child. We may let younger ones watch some selected scenes.

  2. WaterBoy

    Kato always glad to have you lead. Schnitzel always glad to have second f. Plus I run harder with your encouragement. Loco t claps brother for finishing. Always great to see buckwheat smokeless hula and sparknut.
    Great effort Jackie moon as well.
    Keith great to have you with us! Looking forward to seeing you Tuesday.
    Sugar hope you feel better.

    I can’t give Lawdawg a hard time because I missed the shield. I’m bummed. Sounds like it was great.

    Great job by all pax. I think we might have 20 if we all posted the same day which is really cool.

  3. Kato Post author

    Yeah…I’m only giving him a hard time because I like him so much.

    Last night was pretty cool. Ton of stuff I didn’t know/hadn’t dug into before. LawDawg did his homework.

  4. Loco

    Kato, great workout and I may have completed the laps but wasn’t able to do every exercise in perfect form to the full count….goal for next quarter’s progress check. I had to leave it all out there since I’ll be on the road for the next two weeks. I’ll keep up with what’s going on and look forward to posting back on 4/21.

    T-Claps to the Pax for pushing it, I heard plenty of grunts and groans which is always a good sign in the gloom.

  5. Kato Post author

    Loco….there’s no hiding now. We’re gonna drag you to Speed and El Dorado when you get back.

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