Hotlanta Review

A perfect morning for a running, gunning F3 beatdown for 11 faithful PAX


Mosey around Parking Lot – High Knees, Butt Kickers, Karaoke

Circle Up at lower Lot

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Walkouts x 5 with transition to leg stretches
  • The Thang– (Hipbone Q)


Mosey to Mall Lot

Line up at brick plant by Belks for Exercise Ladder (All Exercises done x 10 IC)

  • SSH – Run to bottom of lot and back
  • SSH, Dips – Run to bottom of lot and back
  • SSH, Dips, Derkins – Run to bottom of lot and back
  • SSH, Dips, Derkins, Squats – Run to bottom of lot and back
  • SSH, Dips, Derkins, Squats, Deerticks – Run to bottom and back
  • Sets were done without rest between exercises – 10 count Recovery after each Run

Indian Run around Mall ending at the top of Hospital Hill of Gloom

Burbpee Ladder

  • Run Down, 1 Burbpee
  • Sprint Up, 2 Burbpees
  • Run Down, 3 Burbpees
  • Bear Crawl Up, 4 Burbpees
  • Run Down, 5 Burbpees

2.0 The Thang (Cupid Q)

Traveling Lunges 20 yds & back – 3X

LBCs 45

Burpies – 30x

Carolina Drydocks – 30x

Back Extensions off of picnic tables – 45

butt skoots up hill – 2x

bear crawls Down hill – 2x

crab walk down hill -1 x

Quadromania up hill – 2x

dips – 45x

Mosey To Mary


  • LBCs x 20 IC
  • Deerticks x 15 IC
  • Low Flutter x 10 IC
  • Not recovery between above


Great morning and a great effort by all that dared to venture out in the perfect workout weather…no excuse for not posting today! Welcome to FNG Blake who joined the 2.0 group this am. Lot of moving for the 1.0s today as we worked on endurance, speed, strength and core…remember, anything worth doing is worth over doing! Thanks to Cupid for jumping in to Q 2.0 group.

Always a pleasure to post and an honor to lead. Happy Easter to all.

Aye, Hipbone