2 days this week for @Bunny

23 of Highlands faithful joined in the cool gloom to see what YHC had to offer up. Nothing special, no #WIB, limited running, just a good ole fashion bootcamp F3 style.

Welcome to the FNG’s and #Disclaimer

Run to back of middle school for COP:

SSH x20
Merkins x10
Mountain Climbers x10
IST x15

Run to bleachers near the football field

30 Step Ups
20 Merkins
30 Step Ups
20 Wide Merkins
30 Step Ups
20 Diamond Merkins

Hop the fence and head to 50 yard line of football field

Partner up for the following:
Wheelbarrow to end line
Partner carry from end line to 50 yd line

Split 50 yds of lunges and bear crawl

Back over the fence and run down to the wall of goodness

Peoples Chair with x12 Air Press
x10 Merkins
Peoples Chair with x12 Air Press
x10 Wide Merkins
Peoples Chair with x12 Air Press
x8 Staggered Merkins
Peoples Chair with x12 Air Press
x10 Diamond Merkins

Run to back of elementary school

Half men grab a box for hops back and forth over the line the other half completes 20 Jump Squats
Jump Squaters are the timer
Repeato x3

Run to the pinic tables

Partner up and perform 2 rounds of the following

P1 completes low dolly
P2 completes 15 jump ups and 15 incline merkins

Run to parking lot for COT

Naked Man’s Moleskin:
1. Please keep our #F3NoCo brother @Ikea in your thoughts and prayers as he recently lost his wife Wendy. Stay strong brother!
2. Men, thanks for following me around today and welcome to our new FNG’s. I guess @Skipper can name these men at their next post. I think they hate me but that’s ok, that’s my love.
3. Sign up for your bus seat for MudRun by April 8. @Chowder is looking for volunteers for #TheBear this year which will be in June, reach out to him. 0600 and 0700 options this Saturday at Mallard Creek Park. You may want to check out the 0600, just saying…

3 thoughts on “2 days this week for @Bunny

    1. Titanium

      Great job today Colonel! I always look forward to you using just about everything the Highlands AO has to offer!! We covered most of it today!

    2. Grinder

      There was some pretty intense racing on the field today, definitely enjoyed the friendly competition from team Gordo and Sully

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