Devil’s Hill

6.5 humans and 1 dog rolled out of the fartsack to beat April Fools and go for a run.

The thang:
Run down main street, cross Roberta, down Parallel, cross Morehead, continue on Valhalla, right on Williams and stop at top of “Devil’s Hill” for a few ladders:

10 merkins — run down hill — 5 jump squats — run back up hill REPEATO x5

Turn right on Ford St, then left on Valhalla, cross over Morehead, continue on Parallel, cross Morehead, turn right on Roberta, left on Physician’s, right on Kee, left on Hagler, left on Main St, back to home base.

We clocked between 4.25-4.5 miles. Strong work everyone!

1. Welcome our newest FNG, Parker, who is just 13 and UCB’s son. Now named T-Rex. Strong run today.
2. I’d like to note, for the record, that we finished at 6:11…and no that’s not an April Fool’s joke! #mysundialwasworkingtoday
3. Strong work on Devil’s hill…we may need to re-visit that again for more ladders in the future.
4. Who was that creeper in the car at the top of the hill? My vote is on Solo Cup’s wife after his train comment…she was looking to run us over!
5. Thanks for swinging back to pick up this out of shape guy. Thanks for pushing me, fellas.
6. Deuce gets added as a .5 to this BB…he joined the group rather late, but was good to see you!

2 thoughts on “Devil’s Hill

  1. SSMinnow

    @SunDial – that is one steep hill! Taking it five times with the merkins and jump squats was a tough challenge.

    @Floyd (from broga workout) – it was good talking with you afterwards…good to have another #Respect among the Pax

    @T-Rex – fast like your dad…welcome to F3

  2. SunDial Post author

    @Minnow…tough challenge?!…says the guy whose BRR leg was 10 miles up Grandfather Mountain! You’re one tough dude.

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