Seward’s Folly Memorial beatdown

WOD 1.0

Grab landscape paver and run to Belk’s parking lot
Cotton Pickers 10x
Mountain Climbers 15X
IST 10x
Run to Police Dept
partner pass-the-Paver (20 pavers situps, 20 paver milpress, partner switch)

Run to Sears
Partner1 lunges 30 ft out and back
Partner2 up-right paver rows till partner1 returns
switch places

Run to Staples
Partner1 bear crawl 30ft and back
partner2 paver curls till partner1 returns
switch places

Run to Belk’s
Paver W’s 20x

Run to Mary

WOD 2.0:
Jog parking lot to Rock pile
25 STH
25 IST
25 air squats
10 Merkens
Grab a rock
15 lift to the chin(not sure what they’re called)
15 scull crushers
15 overhead press
10 Merkens
25 yard lunch with Rock
25 bear crawl (x2)
Repeat rock drills
25 lbc
2 min 6″
Repeat rock drill
Move to Mary

Mason Twists 20x
Dearticks – 20x
Alternating Leg Lifts – 20x
1-min Plank
Brazillians – 20x
Lo-Dollies – 20x
LBCs 20x
Freddie Merks – 20x

Moleskins –
Great show with 13 Pax
Lotsa Mary (Q underestimated length of WOD)
T-Claps to:
S&W for stepping up to Q WOD 2.0
Indy posting ( & supplying the pavers) while still recouping
Roller hangin’ with the 1.0s
There really is no way to get comfortable jogging with a paver
Thx to all for indulging my WOD.

See you next time in the gloom…

Thanks for the opportunity to queue on the fly
Smith & Wesson