And the #ThePrecinct March Madness Winner is…

The Tennis Court Suicide

Thirteen players (including one Q-ref) posted for the 1st annual #ThePrecinct March Madness Tournament. The tourney bracket of 16 exercises were set by the Q and each exercise was performed for 1-minute. Voting immediately followed to determine which exercise would move to the next round.

16 team Tourney Field

Warm-Up Regional



Mt Climber


Prison Yard Regional

Bear Crawl


Lunge Walk

Burpee Broad Jump

Lt Michael Murphy Regional

Balls to Wall

Apollo Ohno


Jack Webb

Mary Regional

World War II situps

Plank Jacks

Box Cutter


The Final Four


Tennis Court Suicide

Jack Webb

WWII sit-up

Tourney Notes:

1. What do you do when you get asked to Q the night before a workout?  Well, it’s still March and the men at #ThePrecinct haven’t seen the March Madness bracket so let’s recycle. #refshirtwasstillout

2. Tennis Court Suicide winner!  Does that mean the men of #ThePrecinct like sprints over other exercises? Maybe.  It might also come down to the order of exercise match-ups. Just like the real tourney, anyone can win on any given day. #thatswhyitscalledmadness

3. If I matchup today’s bracket with the real NCAA bracket Final Four; Suicides from the Prison Yard Regional would come out of the West and therefore be Wisconsin. I guess we’ll find out if #ThePrecinct March Madness bracket can predict the future. #gobadgers

4. Welcome to FNG Two Face!  The group-think naming started going in many directions, but luckily @Closer was there to live up to his name and make the winning play. #booty

5. Please continue to keep @Ikea (F3 Isotope) and his family in your prayers as they mourn the death of his wife.

6. May God bless you all this Holy Week!



5 thoughts on “And the #ThePrecinct March Madness Winner is…

  1. Skipper Post author

    I thought Jack Webbs might win another tourney like it did the other times I’ve run a similar bracket, but the young legs in the pax decided on Suicides. Nice work today men! Constant motion kept me warm, but darn was it cold on the run home. #springyet?

  2. Forgotten Jelly

    Looks like a fun workout today. Sorry I missed it. Gotta rest this knee for the mudrun.

  3. Man Down

    Loved the creativity this morning @Skipper! Men of Precinct, take good notes and step up to Q a bootcamp sometime soon.

  4. Trail Mix

    Good stuff Skipper. I’m not sure how suicides won out… I think the PAX was oxygen-deprived during the voting.

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