Slip & Slide

The Pax were 11 strong for a visit to the veteran’s NFL combine:

The Thang:

Mosey to bus lot. COP: SSH x 20, various leg stretches.

Ropes: Partner 1, 30 sec speed rope. Flap jack, partner 2 30 sec speed rope. flap jack x 2. then at 1 min each. Finish with a 30 sec speed rope with flap jack.

Combine cone drills: various 1v1 drills on the 4 cone course.

Mosey to Dropcloth’s 200m course: partner 1 sprint 200m while partner 2 jumps rope. flapjack x 4 for 800m each.

Mosey back to the cones for 7 sprints: 2 to the first bball hoop with a mosey back to start line, 2 to the 3rd, 2 to the 4th, 1 grand finale to the 4th and back with a sprint.

The Moleskin:

1. We started out in 61 degrees and clear skies, but hit 54 and rain within the first ten minutes. Made for some slippery combine cone drills.
2. Thanks to those who brought ropes. Didn’t fully utilize them as I hoped today, but made the 800m run much harder by replacing the normal recovery with jump roping.
3. T-claps to Google for being there and making the most of the workout given the knee injury. #relentless #dedication
3. Thanks everyone joining in the fun. Great group of guys. Lots of good laughs.

Have a great weekend.