Note to Self – No Sprints in the Rain

7 men posted this morning for a mix of kettle bells and stretching.  After our long mosey to the Haunted Day Care and back, the rain started, which should have been a signal to scale back on the sprinting portion of the workout.  Hmmm, now I know.  It went something like this…

Run to Haunted Day Care

Run backwards up hill x 3

Leg stretches

Reverse plank with lifted leg

Bunny hops

Neck stretches

Run back to the church (and rain)


Round 1

KB Merkins

KB Humpers

Bent-over (lawnmower) Rows

In Lunge Position – pass bell around the legs



Cardio intermission

Pretend Jump Rope

5 Burpees

Jump Squats


Round 2

Upwards Row – bell behind the back

Upwards Row – bell in front

Sumo Squats



Cardio Intermission

Wind Sprints

In Plank – knees to the chest


Round 3

KB Swing


Shoulder Press going to Overhead Tricep Extension

Chest Press


Mary – Stretches and more

Sun Salutation


Eagle Arms

Reverse Prayer




Lastly…KB Mason Twist