Lt. Dan and the Total Body Triangle

11 dedicated Stoners showed up to join YHC on a mild and misty morning to brave VQ #2 of the week.

The Thang:

Walking high knees

Active lunge

Frankenstein walk


Mosey to front of school for circle up.


SSH x 15

Windmills x15

Cotton Pickers x 15

Merkins x 15

ISTs x 15


Mosey around buses to the grass bowl.


Total Body Triangle

Divide into 4 groups rotating through 3 exercise stations.  Rotate when relieved by preceding group performing 1 exercise per round until relieved. (Oh and jump the split rail at station 1 – coming and going!)

Station 1 – Upper body

Rock Curls

Rock Presses


Station 2 – Abs

WW II sit ups

Mason twists


Station 3 – Lower Body

Lt Dans – Forward

Lt Dans – Backward

Apollo Onos



Crunchy frog x10

Low Dolly x15

Mason twist x30

Superman – Banana 4 reps



Monkey hump x10

Merkin roll x10



Thanks to all for participating in my VQ!  Looking forward to more and having some fun wit it!

– Holy crap my legs are sore!  Who’s idea was it to do so many Lt Dans??

– Permanent welcome to @Jackie Moon!  (formally known as Joel FNG)

– @Marie Calender  – 30 Mason twists? really?

– Always wondered why they call them Monkey Humpers….now I know!  The most accurately named F3 exercise!  Thanks @Law Dawg!

– Good call on Superman/Banana @Kato, always entertaining but Banana sucks!

– TBH (as my teenage daughters would say) the Merkin Rolls were a bit sloppy, need to tighten it up next time! (Just sayin’) Anyone else have grass in their car?!

Seriously, thanks to all the PAX for following my lead!


3 thoughts on “Lt. Dan and the Total Body Triangle

  1. Schnitzel

    Total body workout = total body pain.
    Way to bring it, Sugar, variety is the spice of life. Pass the Advil.

  2. LawDawg

    @Sugar, great VQ.

    One of these days we will get ahead of the game and get guys ready to post the BB before their Q.

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