The Deadly One Mintue Tabata Amrap

15 PAX, foggy and sticky morning, sans Cujo the Great. Indy Q ning again with the plague just to keep him down.  But Grover got plague too which evens the playing field. Deertick drove Q this AM and helped set up course but was challenged by tire stacking.



TABATA AMRAP : 8 Key exercises to hit all muscles groups of 1 minute duration with MAX effort; 20 second recovery between stations. AMRAP = as many reps as possible. PAX divided into groups of 2 to a station. 

STATION 1: Tractor Tire Blows with Sledge Hammer (10 R/ 10 L and repeat)

STATION 2: 24 inch step ups or tractor jump ups onto 2 stacked tractor tires

STATION 3: Downward Dog Merkins – you had to be there for this one to see.

STATION 4: Curls with Sandbags

STATION 5: Thrusters with 35lb pavers. (Basic goblet squat ending in PP.)

STATION 6: Burpees (everybody’s favorite; especially Grover)

STATION 7: 1 minute PLANK

STATION 8: Lateral jumps over parking lines to infinity it seemed. Cardio part.

RINSE AND REPEATO with 1 minute recovery between completed cycles of 8.

3 complete cycles (24 stations) of the above were done by 0610.


LBCs x 15

Low Dollies x 15

In/Outs x 7 with long holds


1. Always an honor to serve as your Q even though the plague got da Q.

2. Hope all got what dey was looking for in terms of beatdown. Q sure did.

3. Catfish I truly believe could talk to anyone or anything. Friendliest PAX ever.

4. Boo boo needs maid service. See him for details. NB: he has 4 pitbulls.

5. Some jibber jabber but Q barked on PAX to work harder.

6. Work sets you free. Keep on trucking.

7. Brews and bball tonight at Bonfire. Go Big or Go home.