Over the hills and through some schools

18 brave souls realized a wet grassy hill is easier to ascend than descend. So we tried our mountaineering skills on three hills.

The Thang:
SSH x 20
Mountain Climbers x 15
Plank Jack x 15
Imperial Storm Trooper x 20

Mosey to Hill #1
10-1 Ladder: LBC @ botom. Bear crawl to top. Burpees @ top
Mosey to wall for 1 min People’s Chair

Hill #2
7-1 Ladder: Squats @ bottom. Run to top. Merkins @ top
Back to wall for 1 min People’s Chair

Hill #3
5-1 Ladder: Merkin @ bottom. Run to top. Squats @ top

Mosey to portables. Partner up. Partner 1 ran from ramp to ramp while partner 2 did squats until partner 1 returned. Flap jack. Next set, air press. Next set, Al Gore.

Mosey to Mary
Mason Twist x 20
Low flutter x 15
Rosalita x 15
Low Dolly x 15

The Naked Moleskin:

  • Nice work on the hill ladders today men! Starting off with 10-1 got the heart rate up quickly.
  • It tool about 5 mins before the beatdown started for Chopper to wake up and start #mumblechatter for the day. Pony Boy picked up on Chopper’s early morning bitterness and offerred him a hug. #ahhh. (Insert cute kitty video here…)
  • So we know now who doesn’t like getting their SIX wet during Mary. (Charmin, Alcatraz). The circle looked more like a heart after those 2 found a dry spot.
  • Kotters to Red Rider and Pre-School who returned after rehabing some injuries.
  • Enjoyed the workout. Nice effort by all.

1 thought on “Over the hills and through some schools

  1. Charmin

    @Snare – Great beatdown today. One thing I have learned is F3 workouts can be tough on leather seats. I see a way to stay dry and I am taking it.

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