Ouch, that pavement hurts…Was there a Sniper in the trees

14 Gloom Warriers joined together to see what YHC had to over for his subsitute Q. Some said welcome back, some said I saw your name on Twitter and others just wondered who I was. The #F3Disclaimer was verbal spoken and then we were off…

Run to The Tridion Golf Course entrance

10 Derkins on the the bottom rail
8 Derkins on the middle rail
6 Derkins on the top rail
4 Derkins on the middle rail
2 Derkins on the bottom rail

Run over to the F3Shed of StoneBridge church

SSH x20
IST x20
Air Squats x20

Partner Up for two man Grinders (each team has two jugs)…

P1 stays at home performing exercises below while P2 runs to top of hill with Jugs, completes 10 Jug Presses and then runs back. Partners will switch each time. Example: P1 completes 31 merkins while P2 is running, once P2 returns, he will pick up where P1 left off until they reach 100 merkins in total.

100 Merkins
200 Squats
300 LBC

Circle Up for Jugs o’Pain

P1 completes Jug Webs while P2 completes SSH

Round 1: 1-5 Jug Webs
Round 2: 1-6 Jug Webs

Running out of time, AYG back to Parking Lot

Low Flutter x15
Low Dolly x15

Naked Man’s Moleskin:
1. The pleasure was all mine this morning to lead the men of #ThePrecinct as it has been a while since I have been to this AO.
2. There was a little bit of a stumble by the #HateHate this morning when trying to catch up and out do YHC. Before he could get out in front, a sniper caught him on one of the speed bumps. He recovered and made his way back. Heal Up Brother!
3. Quiet crowd this morning, not sure what was going on. @ForgottenJelly was heard once but that was about it.
4. Thanks @HotWheels for taking us out and thanks to @Skipper for capturing the names once again. I owe you 4 times now.

6 thoughts on “Ouch, that pavement hurts…Was there a Sniper in the trees

  1. Trail Mix

    Thanks for stepping in, Colonel, thorough beatdown. Don’t take the lack of mumblechatter personally…we’re always a quiet group (except maybe @ManDown)

    @Axe – I like how after your dive over the boulder, you still managed to beat the rest of us back to the parking lot #HateHate

  2. Skipper

    Ahoy! Never even saw @AxeEffect go down. Must be because he was so far ahead!

    Thanks @ColMustard for the beating!

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