Tradition Cruises to Old Glory

Five pax split from the iron fisters to cruise the nearby neighborhoods and take a tour of the Tradition and Precinct fart sackers.

Stretching to warmup amid calls to start running from the iron fist pax. Sorry we were trying to prevent injuries!

2.6 Mile loop through the Wellington neighborhood to the Greenway to the Winchester neighborhood.

Stopping at all turns to perform exercises as follows:

  • 5 Burpees
  • 15 Muscle Ups
  • 20 Derkins IC
  • 50 LBCs
  • 20 Merkins IC
  • Finish at church pavilion for a people’s chair for 1 minute.

Finally one lap of the Old Glory (20 Merkins, 20 Squats, 10 Pull ups, 20 WWII Situps) before joining the iron fist mary


Thanks guys for letting me lead this morning. It was a shorter run this morning but I hope the pain stations and Old Glory lap were worth it.

It was nice to have some F2 and pass all the houses of the Tradition and Precinct guys. Dingo and Funky were still enjoying a well deserved fart sack after their run on Saturday. We almost ventured into FIA territory but ran past with our manhood intact before being asked to join.


Tradition on Tap tonight at Carolina Ale House At 7

Workday at Stone Bridge church from 8-12 on Saturday


4 thoughts on “Tradition Cruises to Old Glory

  1. Chicken Strip Post author

    Great to run with you guys this morning. I forgot to mention that we were flying. Excluding the stops we were at an 8 minute pace for the whole 2.6 miles. Great Job!

    I hope to see you guys at El Dorado on Mondays in the future, but not this Monday since it’s the Murph. Forgot to mention that this morning @Urlacher!

  2. The Farm

    Seems like they had to be more than 2.6! Regardless, thanks for the lead Chicken Strip. I think you guys are making me faster! I’m excited for Old Glory next month!

  3. Guinness

    Thanks for the great Q this morning, @ChickenStrip. I was dragging this morning but it was great to be there with you men. See you in the gloom or tonight at Carolina Ale House.

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