Springtime is a good time…for Iron Fist

10 Pax joined on a mild morning for some Iron Fist.  Disclaimer given, and away we go…

Mosey around the parking lot to the Outback

Throw in some high knees and butt kickers along the way



15x SSH

15x IST

10x Cotton Pickers

Arm circles/stretch


Everybody grab a cinderblock for The Thang:

Slow count for every exercise in cadence

12x Shoulder Press

12x Upright Rows

12x Bicep Curls

Repeato 10x, 5x

Light jog thrown in between


Head to Pull up bars

10x pull ups

10x chin ups

10x dips



12x Cinderblock Merkins (Repeato 10x, 5x)

Light jog

12x Chest Press (Repeato 10x, 5x)

12x Sumo Squat

12x Cinderblock Burpees (definitely a crowd favorite – repeato 10x, 5x)


Met up with the Cruisers for some Mary:

Airborne Mindbender (while waiting for Cruisers)

Squirm 20x

LBC 20x

Low Flutter 20x

W 10x

Box Cutter 10x

Modified Pretzel Crunch 10x each side

Homer to Marge

Mason Twist


Spring Moleskin:

1) Great push out there today guys.  Doing exercises slower can definitely be tougher, but everyone pushed through it.

2) Love the milder weather – feels great for beatdowns

3) Was definitely a good crowd for Iron First this morning!



1 thought on “Springtime is a good time…for Iron Fist

  1. Maximus_MECA

    Gangsta – good workout. The slow count really added something to it. Made it more difficult and I really felt the burn from that. Thanks for a great beatdown! Looking forward to hearing about 2.0

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