Q it up while a brother recoups

YHC had the pleasure of picking up the Q for Dingo while he and Funky recoup from their valiant effort -attempting their first Marathon in Wilimington last weekend. Way to push the limits guys, we are proud of the attempt and effort – so we celebrated their effort with a couple of special exercises and then off to the pain stations.Warmorama:  SSH, ISW, CP, MC, all x 12 IC, arm circles

Mosey to outback to honor Dingo’s 19 miles – Partner up– 19 Partner pull ups. P1 pull up/ P2 assist w/ curls of his legs. switch

next to honor Funky’s 15 miles – Partner one mumble chattered for 15 seconds, while partner 2 did not listen!….. just kidding Funky!

Partner dips at picnic table – P1 15 dips/ P2 squats while holding his legs – switch.

Then off to Plank of Pain – had to show to know.

Back to the pkg lot for a 4 square of pain- ladder 5-10-15-20-15-10-5. Partner up.

Pain Station 1(PS1): Partner Derkins – P1 plank/ P2 Derkins w/ legs on P1’s back – switch – run to

PS2: Partner leg throw downs – then run to

PS3: P1 Plank Jack while P2 low squat – somewhat looked like milking a cow – kind of scary then run to:

PS4: Partner Dips – P1 dips on curb while P2 squats holding legs

Repeato up the the ladder… then back down.

MARY – While the 6 finish.



Naked Moleskin-

Good work out there today guys – way to keep at it. And to Dingo and Funky- we trust you’ll recoup and get to attack that marathon next time. Congrats to all the PAX who pushed through the winter months – we are in spring time now!! stronger and better men.


7 thoughts on “Q it up while a brother recoups

  1. Iron Wolf

    “next to honor Funky’s 15 miles – Partner one mumble chattered for 15 seconds, while partner 2 did not listen!….. just kidding Funky!” — Classic!

  2. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice job out there this morning Dutch. I was pretty spent when I got him. I ate my normal breakfast and then had to have some peanut butter and banana because I felt like I would pass out. Definitely pushed myself.

  3. BlindDate

    Great workout Dutch. Glad I crawled out of bed for that one. As we were doing all those partner exercises in various positions, I thought to myself a) Funky would have a field day with this and b) wonder what the runners and cars passing by are thinking.

    Guinness — strong work today. Thanks for partnering up. That was some good prep for the Mud Run in just 2.5 weeks.

  4. GentleGrizzly

    @Forgotten Jelly – Thanks for partnering up this morning. Way to push and finish the full Ladder. I needed the push.

    @Dutch – Thanks for the beat down!

    @Blind Date – The reverse planks were a little awkward.

    1. Forgotten Jelly

      Happy to partner up. Good work out there. I have to admit, my competitive nature kicked in when you had to tie your shoes. Glad we caught back up. All in good fun.

  5. The Farm

    Sorry I missed this beatdown Dutch! Looks like it was a good one. Great work last weekend. 10k next? I WON’T be working out right before this time.

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