Exxon Valdez and Cinder Blocks

13 men gathered to observe this day in history – March 24, 1989 – the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. 1 drunk captain, 1 broken radar, and 11,000,000 gallons of oil in the ocean (give or take 10 million).
In observance of this day, every time Q calls “Oil Spill!” do 5 burpees OYO.

• Mosey down Avon Farm
• Cotton Pickers
• Mosey up to Prison Yard
• Merkins
• Mountain Climbers

The Thang
• Partner up. One partner grab cinder block. Meet on field.
• Rotate the following:
o CB curls & sprint to GWW for 15 muscle-ups then back
o CB overhead press & backwards run there and back (Repeato, this time running to top of hill on other side of field)
o CB skull crushers & bear/crab crawl there and back
o Al Gore while waiting for all to finish
o CB upright rows & lunge there and back
o CB front raises & sprint to Gun Range for 10 pull-ups then back
o CB curls & swing merkins
o Al Gore while waiting for all to finish
• Avon Farm mosey to bottom, gather, AYG to parking lot

• Box Cutters
• Plank x1 minute

5 thoughts on “Exxon Valdez and Cinder Blocks

  1. Man Down Post author

    @Pax – Hard work out there this morning! I’ve been wanting to incorporate that beastly hill on Avon Farm for some time now. Glad we got to do it today. You were all clearly up for the task!
    @Training Wheels – Welcome back!
    @Field of Dreams – Bro, you keep getting stronger and faster. Nice work!
    @Icicle – Thanks for the extra cinder blocks man! Hopefully no punk kids will steal these. 🙂
    @Mario – Thanks for the patch!

  2. Trail Mix

    @ManDown – that was a serious beatdown. That Hill was no joke. We need some more of that.

    Also, I would bet money that our cinderblocks are at least 5 lbs heavier than #Tradition’s…

    Nice work by all today, and TClaps to @Mario for the patch.

    1. GentleGrizzly

      @Trail Mix – Such a lie about the cinder blocks. You just need some more cinder block work, so they don’t seem as heavy.

  3. Iron Wolf

    Loved the hill on the way down. Back up, not so much! It was a seriously good beat down. Great job to #ManDown and the rest of the PAX!

  4. FieldOfDreams

    @Man Down – That Avon Farm hill kicked my butt! I know it was a great down when I feel sore before I wake up the next morning. Look forward to Thursday.
    @Mario – Thanks for the patch!

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