It was bound to happen…

Figures… and it would have to be right on the heels of Q School… with a guest PAX visiting, too. Dang it. YHC’s eyes open with a start, look at the clock and realize my Q started 15 minutes ago. Jump out of the FS, pull on the threads and shoes as I’m closing the front door, then break the speed limit on HCP. Of course, despite the PAX efforts to give me a few minutes of lag time with their warmup, they’re off doing what they do…

The Thang
After a warmup lap around the bus lot and swinging back through to see if the Q had arrived (he hadn’t), the PAX headed out for some fartleks on the Run the Creek 5k course. What is a fartlek, asks @Chopper? Run hard for a minute (or so), then recover. Rinse and repeat over the 3.1 miles. Apparently, the recovery periods became increasingly short to the point where the PAX were just running all out to the finish. As they arrive back starting a few minutes after 0600, they’re greeted by YHC running around the AO trying to locate the crew. As the PAX trickle in two by two, most look like they’ve done plenty already, so we decide to wrap it up.


– Haiti Mission Trip – HC deadline May 1 – see @Frodo for details
– Run the Creek 5k – tomorrow at 9am @ HCES – sign up at Run for Your Life Univ today or at the race site tomorrow

Nakedman Moleskin
– I’ll let the PAX who posted on time build most of the NMM in the comments (hard to provide a true accounting when your participation was all of 15 minutes)
– Thanks for the strong take out @Ironhide
– Looks like some strong work done by the PAX. Great job!
– Welcome to @Mortimer visiting from Isotope land. Thanks for coming out and hope to see you back again in the coming weeks. Strong performance… looked like you and @Ironhide were really pushing each other.
– Whoever wore @Stoli out before the race tomorrow, thank you. It’s my only hope to be able to hang with him for the first mile or two.

3 thoughts on “It was bound to happen…

  1. Dropcloth

    All I can say is I’m glad Stoli said we were running the 5K route because once they said go that was the last I saw of everyone but @Chopper (who I figured was being a great PAX member by covering the Six of the group). Would have been lost from the start.

    Most of our chatter during the run was “Do you see them?” Response “No I think they are gone”. And a lot of “I’m tired….”

    Thanks for taking the lead @Stoli and @Chopper thanks for hanging with me and making small talk to take my mind off my pain……

  2. Stoli

    Chowder, I’m not gonna lie, for as much as you bust on me for being on Stoli-time, I got a big laugh at your no-show this morning. No worries, it happens.

    I was supposed to “taper” today, but ran with Mortimer in the beginning which was more like a sprint. So checked in no time and let him go befriend Frodo.

    1. Mortimer

      Great push this morning @Stoli. To be honest I was just trying to keep up with you early on. I mean you weren’t even breathing hard!

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