Friday Morning Lights Acceleration

3 of Harrisburg’s men got out of bed for a dark, misty morning run.  Instead of running around the gloomy middle school track, we decided to take the fun over to the high school track.  It went a little something like this:


Mosey over to high school track

The Thing:

  • 2x 800m run, mosey around
  • 3x 400m run (decided to give Banjo Boy a 75m head start for these), 200m mosey in between
  • 1 lap around the track- sprint 100m, back peddle 50m (Banjo Boy and Bull didn’t like these shenanigans)
  • 2x NASCAR acceleration- 50m stride together, 50m take off full sprint on the straights while moseying the turns
  • Indian run back the middle school


  1. Good performance out there today men!  Glad to see Banjo Boy kicking up dust again, or in this case rain puddles
  2. You know acceleration’s working when there’s plenty of lead changes
  3. Thank you for the opportunity to lead this morning.  Conditions were actually perfect for sprints.  Still get traction with the track damp, temperature wasn’t too cold or hot, and the lights from the baseball field was a nice touch.
  4. Hope to see more of yall out there for acceleration. Remember if you ain’t first, your last!


-The Magnificent