Q School for 1 and then a Beatdown

18 strong men ventured out of the fartsack and joined each other in the cool gloom to experience yet another Highlands beatdown prior to heading into the weekend. Here is how it went…

Who’s the Q? Your the Q Col. Oh really, who made that determination? Chowder at HDHH last night. Um..ok well lets roll with it.

Run to back of Elementary School

SSH x20
Merkins x15
Squats x20

Run to pinic tables in back of the school

Partner up for the following

Set 1: P1 complete 20 incline merkins while P2 completes flutter kicks x3
Set 2: P1 completes 15 derkins while P2 completes LBC x3


Run up the ramp lunge across and then run down
Run up the ramp bear crawl across and then run down

Run to basketball courts

Two man Grinders:
Set 1: 200 Squats, P1 completes squats while P2 runs ~40 yards and back, P1&P2 switch until 200 is reached
Set 2: 100 Burpees, P1 completes burpees while P2 runs ~40 yards and back, P1&P2 switch until 100 is reached

Mosey to trailor ramps plank walk across the rails and then mosey to the end

People’s Chair
Donkey Kicks

Run over to Grass Area

Jack Ups up to 8
LBC x20
Homer to Marge x8
Jack Webs down from 7

Naked Man’s Moleskin:
1. Well the morning got off to a great start at 0500 with Q school. Alcatraz was the lone ranger who showed up for some knowledge transfer.
2. The mouth’s of the South were not presented this morning but Chopper was in attendence. For some reason Chopper was silent, was it the merkins?
3. I guess you guys can blame Chowder for the lower and upper body beatdown. Oh but it felt so good at the time.

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  1. Colonel Mustard Post author

    Sorry for the tardiness brothers but at least I got it out for Chowder posted his BB for #Speed.

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