A visit to the Precinct

12 men came together for a Forgotten Jelly led beatdown at the Precinct this morning.

– Mosey to Prison Yard
– SSH x 15
– IST x 15
– Cotton Pickers x 15

The Thang
– Prisoner Cell Merkin Burpee x 10 (OYO)

– Mosey to Gun Range
– Pullups x 10
– Dips x 10
– WWII situps x 10
– Repeat for three total rounds

– Mosey to parking lot
– 4 men stay at Battling Ropes for battling ropes waves to failure
– Rest of Pax do Indian Run
– Rotate men until everyone does this twice

– Stay in parking lot for superman starting merkins x 10
– LBCs x 15
– Repeat for three total rounds

– Mosey to wall for muscle-ups x 25

– Mosey to field for Bear Crawls and Crab-walk
– Prisoner Cell Merkin Burpees x 10 (In cadence)

– Mosey to parking lot for Pax led mary

– Thanks for asking me to fill in for you funky. This was my first Q at precinct. I enjoyed it.
– I hope everyone else thought the different types of merkins were tough. The Prisoner Cell Merkin Burpees were brutal, especially when we did them in cadence.
– Always an honor to lead a workout. Great group of guys at the Precinct. It was good to see everyone again.

7 thoughts on “A visit to the Precinct

  1. Trail Mix

    Nice lead Jelly, thanks for paying us a visit. You kept us moving; no time to get tired of one particular exercise. The cadence mericans were brutal. The superman ones were tough too – I realized a few reps in I was cheating by using my knees to get up. Tough stuff.

  2. BlindDate

    Enjoyed the workout and change of scenery. The AO has a lot to offer. The prisoner cell merkin burpees were brutal, especially the set at the end of the workout. Good stuff.

    Great work by everyone.

    1. The Farm

      I read this while sitting in a meeting and started laughing out loud. I couldn’t tell them why.

  3. Man Down

    Thanks Jelly! You’re welcome at The Precinct ANY time! I suppose you can bring Blind Date along with you too. #peasinapod
    Never done battle ropes like that before. Great workout!

  4. The Farm

    Good workout today Jelly. I also hate crab walks but not as much as some (see above). I checked my Fitbit after and was surprised I didn’t get more steps with all the Indian runs. Those bear crawls are good practice for mud running. T-minus 23 days until USMC mudrun & Spartan Sprint!

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