Fun at Carolina Courts

Warm up:

Jog through parking lot to Franklin Ave. doing High Knees, Butt Kickers, Karioke

Jog to Carolina Courts parking lot

Circle up: (Carolina Courts parking lot)

SSH x 20

Imperial Storm Troopers x 15

Hamstring stretch

Cotton Pickers x 15

Go inside Elite Fitness which was prearranged for our workout this morning

The Thang: (Elite Fitness)

11 stations (1 man per station 30 seconds)

Big rope thrusts

Jump Rope

Wood Choppers

Squats (135lbs)

Bench Press (125lbs)

Power cling (70lbs) w/half burpee

Pull ups

Reverse sit ups


Angel press w/ 10lb weight

Kettle bell get ups (40lbs)

Exit Elite Fitness jog back to Coal Train via stairs at Carolina Courts

Mosey to Mary (Coal Train)

Homer to Marge

Reverse plank leg ups (10 per leg)

Freddie Mercks x 15



  1. Ten faithful Pax gathered on a cool 50 degree, late winter morning at Coal Train for a hump day morning beat down.
  2. Q arranged a special treat this morning with Philip Ritchy, the manager of Elite Fitness, to provide a new twist to our Wednesday workout. Many thanks to Philip for allowing us to use the new facility to try a few new exercises. Pax seemed to enjoy the change of scenery and feel satisfied with the workout.
  3. Special greetings to FNG Justin Blackwelder (friend of KGB). Hope you had a good time today!
  4. Good to see Exit and Backdraft on the mend.
  5. Thanks for a great workout and allowing me to lead today.

Moleskin faithfully submitted by Total Package 03/18/15