Does anyone know what a bushranger is??

8 men opted for some fun this morning.  Little did I know just how much confusion my little rhymes would create!!

A series of clues that must be solved were the only way to find the route today.  Traditions bravest, but maybe not smartest, gave it their best shot!

YHC delivered the rhyming clue, but would give no other hints as to the destination.  Once the pax decided on the answer, YHC would only tell them if they were right or wrong when they arrived at the Pax decided location.  If it was the wrong locale, then YHC would read the clue again.

The Thang;

Its the place to go if your in a pinch,

The man who named it is far from a Grinch.

A bush ranger may avoid this faux place,

But, to F3 its a new haven of grace.

Destination 1 ?????


They used to go to this place, but now its in disrepair,

Most normal people, they just drive past and stare.

Its currently used to bring pain to your legs,

And the talk of inside fills men with dread.

Destination 2 ??????


This place is quiet at this time of year,

But soon kids and adults will leer.

With Summer approaching, our tastebuds cant wait,

For the decisions to be made inside its cold gate.

Destination 3 ?????


We all went here, theres no way to avoid it,

I dare say we all probably enjoyed it.

They wont let us in now, our time has passed,

Mr Belding knows the way, he wont be last.

Destination 4 ?????


A place where mighty things happen each day,

A place where many have found their way.

A place we’ve come to know quite good,

A place of Tradition in our hood.

Destination 5 ??????


The Tricksy Moleskin;

  1. So we were supposed to cover 4 miles today, we only got 3.  YHC did not anticipate the length of discussion over each clue.
  2. Yes, for those of you who did not show, I have deliberately left the locations off the BB 🙂
  3. Great 2ndF today!!  My goal was to do something a little different and take our minds off the running.  I think we all had fun with this.
  4. Yes, I have spend many a night coming up with scavenger hunts for little girl birthday party’s….. #dadofsixduties
  5. Good Luck Dutch on the 5k this weekend
  6. Good Luck Funky with the marathon on Sunday!
  7. Church workday Saturday the 28th, 8:00-12:00.  Coffee and Donuts provide 🙂
  8. Q-School tomorrow night 8:00pm at Pippas, Thursday morning 5:00 at Highlands


6 thoughts on “Does anyone know what a bushranger is??

  1. FunkyBunch

    Good one Dingo. Really enjoyed all the 2nd F this morning.

    I thought it was hilarious that the Pax would agree on the answer and then 1 of us would point something out about the clue and everyone would stop running to think about the different angle of the riddle. A lot of fun.

    Dutch good luck this weekend. Way to set goals and achieve them brother. Keep pushing.

  2. Dutch

    Kudos on the creativity Dingo. I remember the scavenger hunts parties well-#3girlsofmyown. I do remember the girls being a lot sharper and a LOT less chatty in figuirng out the blues clues. Glad we at least got 3 miles in!

    Wishing you and Funky -all the best on the marathon- your F3 buds will be rooting for you and your M’s will be their in full force too!

  3. The Farm

    Agreed about enjoying the creativity Dingo. I learned I’m terrible at riddles. I only got one right and wanted it to be wrong. Funkybunch, I heard lots of mumblechatter from you, so not sure what you’re talking about! Dutch, I also enjoyed the 2nd F with you on the way back to the AO.

    I just remembered a quote I was telling Dutch about that he asked to share. I saw it in motivational tweets. It said, “Your mind will quit a thousand times before your body will. Feel the fear and do it anyway.” This made me think of Funky and Dingo’s marathon this weekend. I’m sure you guys are more prepared than you think. Good luck!

  4. Dutch

    good stuff Farm! Thanks for the quote – Read the book Unbroken– talk about mental discipline in an unbelievable physically challenging environment.

    Farm – I jut signed up for the creek 5k – get yourself signed up and we can run it together! your wife can cheer you on!
    just google runthecreek—

  5. Trail Mix

    Good stuff Dingo. I’m just glad that when we were wrong, we weren’t THAT wrong… Could have made for a very long morning.

    Best wishes to everyone racing this weekend. Looking forward to hearing about your experience.

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