Escape from Erin (almost)

18 Strong Harrisburg F3 Men awoke this fine St. Patrick’s day morn to push themselves and their team members through some tough mud run style activities as they attempted to ‘escape from Ireland’. Here’s how it went down:

Short Mosey to circle up – Disclaimer communicated

Warmup (IC): SSH x15, IST x10, Windmill x10, Merkin x10

Thang: Count off by fours. Four groups created, 2 with 4 members and 2 with 5 members. Team competition to complete the slated exercises first… or to complete the most activities before time to join back up at the cars.

  1. First Intersection – 200 team air squats
  2. Middle School entrance – 200 team merkins
  3. Softball Outfield Fence – Individual fence jumps x 6 — Alternate — 6 8-count body builders w/ 16 SSH’s
  4. Track – 200 meter wheelbarrow – 2 team members as wheelbarrow for the entire 200 meters, switching as much as needed, Track – 200 meter bear crawl – 2 team members for the entire 200 meters, switching as much as needed
  5. Path to Middle School soccer fields – Individual crab walk down to fields
  6. Soccer Fields – 200 team burpees (time adjusted audible to allow mtn climbers as substitution)
  7. Behind Middle School – 200 team WWII situps
  8. High School loading dock – 200 Mtn Climbers
  9. High School east hill – 6 to 1 ladder, Carolina Dry Docks at top, jump squats at bottom
  10. High School picnic tables – 200 team dips

Race back to cars (to the boat) — Audible to Indian Run to Ridge, up and over Ridge, sprint escape to boat

Mary (IC): Mason Twist x15, W x15, Squirm x15

CoT: Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama

#BOM: Snippet of St Patrick’s Prayer: I bind to myself today; God’s Power to guide me; God’s Might to uphold me; God’s Wisdom to teach me; God’s Eye to watch over me; God’s Ear to hear me; God’s Word to give me speech; God’s Hand to guide me; God’s Way to lie before me; God’s Shield to shelter me; God’s Host to secure me, Against the snares of demons, Against the seductions of vices, Against the lusts of nature, Against everyone who mediates injury to me, whether far or near, whether few or with many.


  1. Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning. It was truly an honor!
  2. Outstanding work by the PAX! I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy one. I wanted to bring in a little ‘mud run’ type competition into the mix. The individual effort along with the internal team push made everyone a bit stronger this morning. Plus, we got to get a little closer to folks we don’t frequently partner up with.
  3. YHC did get a BS call. Although I wasn’t striving for one, they’re always appreciated.
  4. Since we didn’t fully escape this morning, grab a pint with SoloCup at Flannigan’s tonight at 7.
  5. Meaning behind the reps… St. Patrick was abducted when he was 16, spent 6 yrs as a slave/servant, and eventually escaped by traveling 200 miles to catch boat back to Great Britain. It was during that time that he grew closer to God. Let us all take challenges presented to us as opportunities to make us stronger.

Godspeed – Clueless

11 thoughts on “Escape from Erin (almost)

    1. Gamma

      Can’t tell you what was in there, but it may have gotten lighter as we went. On a completely unrelated note, anyone know the best way to get the Guinness smell out of a camel pack? Asking for a friend.

      Great workout, @Clueless. You definitely got some BS calls on the 200 team Burpees. I think my team got up to 40 before the audible, although @BBQ probably had 39 of those. #flyingsquirrel

      1. OZ

        I’m not sure about getting the smell out but “your friend” could just fill up with more Guinness and stumble the can down the road.

  1. Billy Goat

    I’m just glad @Clueless gave us the disclosure moments before 2 members of the PAX came barreling through our warm-up…..although I’m slightly disappointed there were no horn beeps to interrupt the cadence count, much like driving by a golf course and laying down the horn in some old guy’s backswing.

  2. SoloCup

    Tough one bud…a big time was had by all. I really enjoyed the COT prayer this morning, thanks.

  3. Posh :p

    Great Q this morning. Though the over the fence thing had me wondering who might be coming over the fence since the wind barrier and the darkness made it hard to see.

    Guess we will need to show up next St Patty’s day to get the rest of the way there.

    Found the team selection this morning to be “interesting”.

    Thanks team for helping pull through.

  4. BBQ

    @Clueless – that beatdown totally sucked, in a good way. And yes, I may have muttered a BS after the 200m wheel barrow, 200m bear crawl, 200m crab walk (at least it felt like it), and was in the process of doing ~40 burpees. What Q does that to the PAX? On yeah, the guy who does boot camp solo in the ice. At the end, it was a good one.

  5. RibShack

    Great lead sir @Clueless, shoulders still burning & wrists numb. Definitely liked the team concept; good 2nd F there dragging each other along.

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