Omaha! Omaha!

7 faithful ignored the forecast and in return for their dedication, were rewarded with a solid beatdown. And no rain.

With the planned workout better suited for a larger pax, that was scrapped and we went with one big audible that went something like this….

Mosey up the road, then down the drive to the soccer field parking lot and circle up.

(x = four-count cadence)

SSH x20
Mountain Climbers x20
Air Squats x10
Merkins x10
ISS x10
Windmill x10

Pair up and to the bottom of the drive
P1 does Merkins while P2 runs up the drive and back, then switch. Repeat.
P1 does Air Squats while P2 runs backwards up the drive, forward down, then switch. Repeat.
P1 does LBCs while P2 Bear Crawls to the first sign, then runs the rest of the way up and back, then switch. Repeat.
P1 does Reverse Crunches while P2 runs up the drive and back, then switch. Repeat.

Indian Run up the drive to the library steps.
Spiderman Merkins up the steps (forward or reverse, your call), walking lunges down the path. Repeat.
Plank until all are done, then 5 slow Merkins on Q’s call.
Bunny Hop up the steps, Bear Crawl to the ramp, then mosey back around. Repeat.
Plank until all are done, then 5 slow Curb Merkins on Q’s call.

Mosey down to the main parking lot and line up on one side for one-minute sprints.
First minute: sprint across and back once
Second minute: sprint across and back twice
Third minute: sprint across and back three times
Fourth minute: sprint across and back four times
Fifth minutes: sprint across and back five times
Sixth minute: those who made it five times, tried for six; those that didn’t found another gear and tried for five again

Mosey back up to the shelter
Dips x10
Incline Merkins x10
Dips x10
Incline Merkins x10
Dips x5
Incline Merkins x5

5 minute preview of Warrior One courtesy of Othello. He can elaborate in the comments, but it involved pain, stretching, balance and more pain.

Round Robin Mary
Rosalita x15 (Gapper)
Crunchy Frog x15 (Solo Cup)
J-Lo x15 (Bull)
The Squirm x15 (Oz)
The W x15 (Othello)
Freddy Mercury x15 (BBQ)
Side Plank Dips x10 each side (Gamma)

COT (Oz takes us out)

1. Thanks for playing along. As you hear from many Q’s, it’s an privilege to lead such a fine group of men. If you haven’t led before, give it a try. At some point during your first Q, it really sinks in that these guys in front of you, some much faster and stronger than you, are all looking to you for guidance, and will follow you wherever you go. That’s the moment you know you belong there, and the sense honor and humility sets in. So again, thanks to the other six this morning for allowing me to lead.

2. Overall, we covered 2.45 miles (by @BBQ’s watch, but he may have snuck in a little extra running).

3. Strong work by the double-downers (@Bull, @BBQ, @Gamma, @SoloCup and @Gapper). Tclaps also to @Hootie and @Clueless for the 0600 post. Commitments kept them for the regularly scheduled programming, but no stopping them from the early-bird special. Shout out to @Segundo as well, for crushing the Shamrock 4-miler.

4. Always enjoyable to watch the humble competition between @Bull and @BBQ. Neither says much, they just go out and kill it.

5. Thanks to @Oz for keeping me honest on the sprints up the drive. I had you on the backwards run, but forward is a different story! You’ll do great at the Harrisburg 5k. Just follow the @SoloCup plan – run as fast as you can for 3.1 miles, and if you don’t splash the merlot at the end, you didn’t run hard enough.

6. Great to see guys push even harder on the 6th minute sprint. I know I didn’t make a full 5 on the prior set, but trying to chase @Gapper on the 6th helped me get them all in.

7. For the record, going up to the library was @Othello’s idea. He’s another quiet one, but there’s a beast inside. Just try to match him on every sprint/rep during a workout and you’ll see.

8. Finally, thanks for @Othello, @RibShack and BSA Troop 173 for letting us invade their pancake breakfast. Although I think they had to open a window after we all got there…


6 thoughts on “Omaha! Omaha!

  1. BBQ

    Solid Q @Gamma. You would have never known the workout was all without a #Weinke. Good having the whole PAX out there to push it to the max.

  2. OZ

    Great audible Gamma. A fun morning (more or less). I think we were keeping each other honest on the sprints. I tried to catch up on the backward run but figured that falling down would be worse than losing.

  3. Othello

    Great lead Gama, as usual, you make leading look so easy. Thanks for the Kudos but iron sharpens iron and that’s what drives me to give 100%, every time! Trying to keep up with@Bull and @BBQ is what motivates me everytime. But @Oz introduced me to the Pax almost 1 year ago and I have been grateful ever since.

    Grateful for all the PAX that came out for the Troop 173 pancake breakfast. Hope you got enough sausage! See you in the gloom.

  4. RibShack

    Thanks to all who came out to the Troop’s fundraiser & for all the support. Several brought their 2.0’s. We are very thankful!

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