They’ve gone to Betson’s

Spring is springing and numbers are surging… except at speed??!? Things had been trending upward each Friday gloom over the past few weeks… guys getting ready for Run the Creek, MudRun, any other upcoming event or just trying to get better, the numbers were growing steadily. @Tradition had been sending PAX for several weeks. YHC took to the Twitter machine to do that tweet thing… @Glock had his opportunity to spit back some revenge… Clown cars were being organized by the @Stoners… @Dingo was even going to sacrifice his mary-prep (at this point, why not…) Everything was lining up for another trending day in the gloom. YHC arrives early to find @Frodo already warming up (not a good sign for the rest of us…#smokeboots.) @Chavez pulls in with his usual whirlwind and @Stoli was right on (Stoli-)time. As we waited for @Nanny to arrive on Nanny-time (which has now surpassed Stoli-time), the flashback hits… a local suburban-Philly TV commercial flashes thorough my head…; There must be a big furniture sale somewhere at 6am… let’s roll.

The Thang
Short warm up out the bus lot to HCP and back in the main entrance.
One and a half laps of 5 points, regrouping on Ridge.
Hop the fence at the track for some 100’s to get the fast twitch fibers firing
8 x 100 build to sprint on straight-aways w/ 100 recovery on the curves
Ok, one more lap of 100s
And then… one more lap of 100s
Total 12 x 100s
Jump back out to Ridge and finish our five points circuit

COT and BOM (strong take out by @Chavez)

– Please keep @Google and his family in your thoughts and prayers; M. Google lost her father in an auto accident this week. Let’s rally around and support our brother and his family.
– Run the Creek 5k on March 21 – sign up today @
– HDHH next Wednesday, 8pm @ Pippa’s
– Q School – part 1 @ HDHH next week
– Q School – part 2 @ 0500 next Thursday before Highlands Boot Camp

– Great work today; may be the fastest average speed we’ve had in a while… everyone was strong.
– Missed many regulars… @Nanny, @Ironhide, the @Tradition posting streak is broken and the #ClownCar from @RollingStone must have gotten lost.
– Did @Frodo lap us during the first five points?
– Thanks to @Fishwrap for the #headfake of “one more” (x2) and @Brinkley for suggesting our 100 repeats as 5k prep
– Lots of movement during our 100s… I think everybody finished at the front at least 1 or 2x
– @Chavez, that’s just the echo of your footsteps you hear, not @Stoli
– Check out the 24+ hours of GoRuck Heavy Twitter posts starting around noon(? I think) today


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  1. Stoli

    You all missed Chowder sharing what pre-race “liquids” he drinks before a race. I will not be trying them, but thanks for trying to help! Good, solid run this morning.

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