Anyway you slice it……..13, 2+11 or 6+7 = 13

A Strong 6 Pax came together on the coldest day of the week to sling not a little bit of iron. (After the good cold winter we’ve had, calling today’s 52 cold seemed odd)


  • SSH (20)
  • Kettle Bell Mtn Climbers (15)
  • Large Arm Circles OYO (10 ea way)
  • Windmills (15)
  • IST (15)

The Thang: Collection of 8 Exercises Scattered through the Lot @ 25 yards, 50 yards, 75 yards & 100 yards right & left. Reps differed in varying degrees per random card shuffle then once YHC remembered it was Friday the 13th it became 13 reps of all. 

Varying exercises in between at each transition. KB Plank Hold, LBC’s, High Carry, Farmers Carry, Walking Lunges with Double KB’s, Walking Lunges with Single KB Pass Through (reminder, be ready to punt when half the Pax has 2 weights to carry or just sprint until they give one up)

Left Side: Figure Eights→Lawnmowers→Halo/OH Triceps Ext (double up) Staggered KB Mericans (plank walk R/L)

Right Side: DA KB Swings→Goblet Squats→Upright Rows→Outhouse Curls

OYS Chest Press

Short meandering mosey round & round to work out the kinks.

———–Switch Sides & Repeat Main Circuit for 3x total————-

Oops, still 8 minutes to go……improvise with (13) each of OYS Chest Press, LBC & Hold, Skull Crushers



  • (15) Reverse Crunch→hold→Low Dolly
  • (20) LBC→hold knees to elbows
  • (60s) KB Plank Hold (70s for Pax since YHC was messing with his watch for the 1st ten)

COT: Count Off, Name o’ Rama, Announcements, Close it Out

Riblet Announcement: Please come support Boyscout Troop 173 at Harrisburg Presbyterian on Saturday from 7am-10:30am. All you can eat Pancakes for $5!! Includes coffee & sausage. Location


  •  Don’t announce the general workout plan ahead of time or the Pax will cry foul when you differ. (cards were too big to get out of my pocket with gloves on ok?!)
  • Do more high rows with equal reps up & down……loved the looks when that was called!
  • @Clueless- thanks for sticking with me on the last set of Figure Eights, not sure where the others disappeared to but we homeschool dads know how to count!! (13 each way = 26)
  • Hard work by all, especially @Tumbler & @Gamma. Not sure if workout was that easy or you guys just made it look so.
  • @Casper- thank you for your kind words no matter how small. Your kind spirit always shines through.
  • @Riblet- glad when you come out o’ silent one!
  • @Clueless- KB king today with that 45 pounder…not exactly sure why you carried the little one though…..never saw it in use.

8 thoughts on “Anyway you slice it……..13, 2+11 or 6+7 = 13

  1. BBQ

    @Ribshack – were you once a school teacher? Looks like you used your red pen to write the BB. And who wears gloves for KB when it’s 52 degrees? That’s a heat wave. Ok, I’m done harassing ya. Strong work PAX.

    1. RibShack Post author

      Dude, I pasted & copied something that turned everything red! Didn’t take the time to fix…. Also, we do full body workouts at the park man, no prancing around the oval over here! Gloves & knee callouses standard!

      1. BBQ

        A man of efficiency, I like it but no idea what this “prancing” is all about. It’s BTTW when Q says go. Not to mention, we’re prepared whenever the KB PAX decides to start slinging KBs at us. Good thing we’re at different AOs.

  2. Gamma

    Nice one, @RibShack. I’d like to think we were multi-tasking by alternating the ups and downs.

    @BBQ – looked like a good one over at the track as well. For the record, not everyone wore gloves. Or long sleeves.

  3. Clueless

    Fun one @RibShack. I definitely enjoyed the up/down callout too.

    Great to see you back out @Riblet!

    For as long as @Gamma has been down south, he still has his ‘northern coat’. I, on the other hand, lost mine years ago… long pants and long sleeves for me.

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