Just what we needed……

Purpose – Focus on stretching and core work to loosen our legs and strengthen our abs…


  1. Wide Feet – inhale up, swan dive , hang downward and fold arms – 5 Breaths
  2. Feet on Railroad tracks, inhale arms up, exhale down over leg (Split Hamstring Stretch) – 5 Breaths, pull on ankle, bend knee to come out
    1. Repeato next leg


  1. Standing Leg Extensions – Knee to chest, extend, Knee to chest, extend to Toe Lock
  2. Crane – Knees in armpits, lean forward, don’t fall forward, feet off ground
  3. Seated Spinal Stretch – Pull leg under opposite, Twist, 5 breaths
  4. Cat/Cow – Inhale to Cat, Exhale to Cow
  5. Frog
  6. Bridge to Wheel – roll up on shoulders, pelvis up, hug knees to chest, wheel? Lift Leg? Way to go Deuce!
  7. Plough – legs up, move to “V”, Scissor legs, legs over head, relax over ears, 10 count down
  8. Cobbler Pose – Bend like a hinge, then stretch arms out as far as you can
  9. One Legged Hamstring Stretch
  10. Two Legged Hamstring Stretch

Yoga Belly “7”

  1. Hands/Feet to the sky
  2. Boat
  3. Open Scissors
  4. Torso Twist – on back, arms out, Legs up, 45 degree w/hips
  5. Side Twist – on back, arms out, Legs up, 90 degree w/hips, lean to left hold feet approx 2ft off ground, back to center, repeat
  6. End with Corpse Pose

COT – Capri led us out

1.  Thursday Bootcamp – @SS Minnow has the Q2.  Friday – Kettlebells with @Ribshack at the Q, @BBQ has Acceleration
3.  Saturday – Alternative Coffeteria location at Harrisburg Presbyterian Church (Robinson Church and 49) to support Troop 173 at their 1st annual “All You Can Eat ” Pancake Breakfast (sausage too)- only $5pp!!  Hey, you were going to spend that much at RRC anyway PLUS we are serving RRCoffee!  What a deal!


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  1. Othello Post author

    Thanks for letting me lead “on the fly”. Hope it was helpful and that you all got a good stretch, let me know if you come up with others that might work well within the Warrior.

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