Squerkin The Deutsch

12 Men showed up for a nice warm Tradition beat down.  The beat down had everything from a Squerkin Deutsch to the answer to the age old quest “Does a Dingo shit in the woods?”…..Yes…..Yes it does……#nufsaid

15 x SSH

15 x Imperial Storm troopers

The Thang;

Mosey to Church building and Partner up

Partners run opposite ways around building

When they meet – 20 merkins

Keep running – every time you meet – 20 merkins

Mosey back to main parking lot

Repeat until Q is satisfied(Or shits in the woods)

Squerkin Ladder 3-10


– One man is in Merkin position, the other holds his legs

  • One does merkins, one does squats

Reverse Indian run – Front man sprints around parking lot islands.  when he gets back to the group the next front man goes.

Squerkin ladder back down

Mosey around Church

20 x LBC

20 x Reverse Crunch

10 x The W

The Moleskin;

  1. Thanks for coming out this morning gents!  Great working out with you all!
  2. Dick Tracey had an announcement, but I can’t remember the website……sound off below!

12 thoughts on “Squerkin The Deutsch

  1. FunkyBunch

    Great Beatdown Dingo. Really enjoyed it. It was nice to rock shorts and a T-shirt again.

    I think Dick Tracy’s announcement had something to do with:
    Johnson And Wales
    1st Tuesday of the month

  2. Gangsta's Paradise

    Awesome job @Dingo! I knew we were in for a good beatdown when we started those partner jogs/merkin meet ups. Nice weather made it a little more tolerable.

    Great partnering with you @MrBelding!

  3. Forgotten Jelly

    Great workout this morning @dingo. I enjoyed it. Thanks for partnering up @funky. Sorry I almost made you face plant.

  4. Dingo Post author

    Thanks guys. It was nice for me to get through a workout without coughing and constantly gasping for breath. Hopefully I am through this sickness marathon….

    @Raptor – Strong work on those Squerkins! Great to partner up with you!

    Did anyone notice that the left group in the reverse Indian Run was a lot faster than the right group?! #observationsfromthefront

    1. Gangsta's Paradise

      I assume you mean the group on the left when facing the road? #allaboutperspective

  5. Dick Tracy

    Dingo, my first Squerkin experience leaves me humbled. My shoulder is still trembling.

    Dare I say, Funky was in good form today. Motivating!

    PAX, join us at Charlotte Sports+Business. Sports and business networking group that meets on the second Tuesday of every month. Open to all.


  6. FunkyBunch

    Oops 2nd Tuesday.

    #tellDutch ( although only after name-o-rama and before the prayer) 😉

    My M found a sweatshirt and a jacket left at the church. Dick Tracy? Investigate.

  7. Maximus_MECA

    Nice workout and nice weather to workout in. Good beat down Dingo. The reverse Indian Run got the sweat flowing.

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