SWAT from 3 to 9 on 3/9

4 Pax converged on the Tradition AO for a nice mild morning for a Gangsta led SWAT that proved to not be so mild as YHC thought it would be.  I’ve been dealing with a cold the last few days, and this proved to be the best medicine!


Warmup: Mosey around the Parking lot

The Thang:

Exercise Set #1 (starting at 3 reps, up to 4, up to 5, etc. all the way to 9 reps)

KB Curls (2 handed)

KB Standing Tricep Extension

Mosey around the parking lot

15 Merkins (for 2015 of course)

Exercise Set #2 (same concept – 3 up to 9 reps)

KB Shoulder Press

KB High Pull/Upright Row

KB Shoulder Shrugs

Mosey around Parking Lot

10 Merkins (Buckwheat did 15 – good job!)

Exercise Set #3 (you get the picture…)

Lawnmower Pulls

KB Pullovers

KB Chest Press

Mosey around Parking Lot

15 LBCs

Exercise Set #4 (different muscle group)

-KB Goblet Squats

-KB Lunges

-KB Sumo Squat

Very ginger mosey around the parking lot

Exercise Set #5 – Peoples Choice!

Uppercut – LBC w/ KB

Survivor – KB Standing Chest Press

Buckwheat – KB Swing (or schwing – sounds cooler there)

Gangsta – Derby Double Tap



Pretzel Crunch (new twist – both elbows to knee before going down) 10x each side

Low Flutter – 20x

LBC – 20x

W – 20x

Squirm – 20x

Low Dolly – Buckwheat added

Mason Twist – Buckwheat added

1 minute plank to close out the beatdown


Mild Moleskin:

1) Thanks for the push today.  Apparently, @Dingo needed more running buddies at El Dorado, so I’m glad some Pax felt like lifting weights instead today!

2) @Buckwheat – looking as strong as ever brother! Nice job today, and thanks for the 2nd F as well!

3) @Uppercut – great job today! You made everything look much easier than intended today.

4) @Survivor – you were flying through those exercises today! Really nice job!


4 thoughts on “SWAT from 3 to 9 on 3/9

  1. Skipper

    Interesting?!…no @Dingo in the pax list at #SWAT. He was also a no-show for #ElDorado…

    1. Dingo

      Aye! My 8 year old daughter had her birthday today and was not letting me out the door this morning!

  2. Forgotten Jelly

    Looks like I missed a good one @Gangsta’s Paradise. I decided to do #ElDorado this morning. It was a good one.

  3. Buckwheat

    Thanks @Gangsta. Solid Q/beatdown, as always! I felt good out there this morning, until the leg exercises… Those were rough! My legs are hurtin for certain this afternoon. Enjoyed the 2nd F as well.

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