Speed so fast it beats yesterday’s backblast

A strong six had assembled at 0530, let’s get…
Wait, ok… now that @TheNanny is here at 0531, let’s get…
Wait, ok… now that @Stoli is here (right on Stoli time), let’s get going…

The Thang
Warmup with Firehouse loop at fellowship pace
Run the Creek 5k Fartleks – run the course with 1:00 on/2:00 recovery (rinse and repeat)
Add on the Fair Vista loop for an additional optional mile


– Still time for MudRun sign ups (@Bling – caution using the @Bootstrap method)
– Run the Creek 5k is in 2 weeks – sign up now (caution using the @Nanny method)

– Great work all round today, men. Not the hardest of workouts, but you’ll certainly reap the rewards from what you invest. Next week is the final real speed before the true test of RtC5k (I expect lots of F3 PAX on the podium there.)
– T-claps to @Smokey – keep it up, brother. Your consistency and perseverance WILL pay off
– No @Tradition PAX today? There presence at Speed had become something of a… well, a tradition. Missed you fellas. Nursing a one-year anniversary hangover, maybe?
– Enjoyed the 2nd F this a.m. @Pav; gonna go watch the SideKick video now… #sharktank #NotTheMetroVersion
– Great story of policing of his personal property by @Skipper – yet the only crime perpetrated was door closure negligence… funny just the same because YHC has done the exact same thing.
– At Speed, we’re so fast, we post our BB before the prior day’s bootcamp BB. Not sayin’… but I’m just sayin’… @Colonel.

3 thoughts on “Speed so fast it beats yesterday’s backblast

  1. The Nanny

    @Chowder Good stuff today. Meat and potatoes. A basic running workout that you have to do if you want to get faster.

    Enjoyed the 2nd F with @Skipper, @Stoli, and @Chavez during the back half of the route.

  2. Stoli

    Chowder, your watch is fast. I got out of my car at 05:29:45. I was embarassed The Nanny beat me. He was making me look good there for awhile.

    Great run, men. Enjoyed it as always.

  3. Skipper

    Great to be back out at #Speed and catch up (pun intended) with @TheNanny, @Stoli, and @Chavez.

    @Chowder – You don’t consider me a #Traditioner? Thanks for the Q today.

    @Bling – T-Claps for taking care of our 6 today. Also enjoyed the 2nd F during warmup lap. Can’t wait for F3 Dim Sum event! #beefintestines

    @Smokey – See you next week at #Speed! #keepafteritbro

    @Pavarotti – Good to see you back out in the gloom! I saw the SideKick and need one. Don’t we all?!

    @Chowder – Forgot to mention that I also saw your Caribbean trip video and congrats on your work there and good luck going forward! #goodstuff

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