Spiritual Inheritance: What are you leaving behind?

The Pax were 11 strong for Highlands 3rd F, The Shield…

The Thang:

Chavez and his guitar lead the Pax in an awesome time of worship.


In Charles Stanley’s book “Man of God”, one amongst many of the excellent chapters discusses what it is to be a true “Provider” as God calls us to be. Charles identifies these three main are areas in which us men, as the stewards of our household, need to provide (ranked from least to most important of the three):

1. Material – adequate food, clothing, shelter
2. Emotional – protection, affection, understanding, time, pleasure, attentiveness
3. Spiritual – private devotion, family devotion, service, prayer

What convicted me the most as I went through this chapter, was how I pride myself so much on being a material provider for my family and how I’m failing them partially from an emotional perspective and big time from a spiritual perspective. What spiritual inheritance am I leaving behind for my family? Mud Run prep? I’ll prep like it’s my superbowl. Quiet, daily devotional and prayer time? I’m doing next to nothing. Why is that? I know what clearly matters more, so why I am not using the incredible gift God provides me through His Word and commit myself to it? I want my 2.0s to marry Godly spouses, so what am I doing to show them what that person is supposed to be like? My priorities are not doubt too focused on this world, but need to change… now.

How? The Pax shared a number of great ideas, from dedicating quiet time, potentially reducing the number of 1st F posts, joining accountability groups, finding devotionals that provide supplemental commentary to scripture, and just stop making excuses, pray for an internal drive and make it happen.

It’s always encouraging to know we’re not alone in our struggles, and we have brothers willing to help us through these important challenges. I appreciated each of the Pax for coming, listening, and encouraging. As much as I value the physical sweat and pain endured in a 1st F, those never top a 3rd F at The Shield.

Thanks, men.