Impromptu Virgin Q

15 men posted at a foggy Tradition this morning… A few to Cruise, and few for Iron Fist. Iron Fist didn’t have a Q so what the heck, an impromptu Virgin Q! No plan, no ideas, we made it work and it went something like this:

Mosey to outback, grab a cinder block and meet back in parking lot for a little pre beat down warmup.

SSH x 20ic
Mountain Climber x 15ic
Cotton Picker x 15ic
Arm Circles x about 60 seconds worth

The meat and potatoes:

4 round circuit from 15 reps to 10

Cinder block standing chest press
Cinder block curls
Cinder block squat
Cinder block cling and press

10 second count down between rounds.

Mosey around church one time.

3 round circuit from 15 to 12

Incline close hand cinder block merkins
Cinder block dips
Decline wide hand cinder block merkins
Return blocks and meet for some very quick mary.

The W x 20ic
Pretzel crunch x 10ic each side
Box cutter x 20

Hard work out there in the fog. I enjoyed the opportunity to throw something together and lead! To the Cruisers, apologies for not incorporating that into the Iron Fist….. @ GUINNESS, best merkin form ive seen, way to push through. @ Raptor, you were strong this morning, your office merkin pledge really helped…… @ Belding, I wrote cling and press 100 times this morning…