Dat Hill Doe

8 men and a dog set out into the darkness for a foggy morning run.

The Thang

  • Run from town center down Main st, left on Roberta, right on Parallel Dr, stop at Patricia Ave ~.6 miles
  • Run up ‘Bojangles Hill’ on Patricia to the stop light and back ~.5 miles x6
  • Run back to town center ~.6 miles
  • For a total of around 4 miles


  1. Thanks guys for letting me take the lead on this one, I didn’t even get lost this time!
  2. Shoutout to @TheMagnificent and FNG for putting on a strong performance at the front, also @Solocup has gotten way faster! (teach me your ways…)
  3. Glad to have @BanjoBoy and @Dixie back in the mix
  4. @Ribshack great job pushing through to the end, even sprinting the last 100M.

2 thoughts on “Dat Hill Doe

  1. SoloCup

    Great Virgin Q @UnEasyRider. Welcome out FNG Jamie Almond (Newly named @UCB, he will have to tell you what it means) Some pretty strong genes in that @TheMagnificent family

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